We recently repurposed a couple of spaces in the Children’s Library to better suit the needs of our patrons. As our budget has declined, we’ve had to cut back on the number of programs we offer and we’re hoping that we can provide more spaces where patrons can DIY their own fun times. One of these areas is the Baby Nook.

cheery Baby Nook

It’s a sort of weird area that was once a courtyard but was then enclosed when the building was renovated and expanded around 10 years ago. It was always sort of awkward and without a defined purpose – but now it’s revamped and filled with things that are especially for babies and their parents. There are board books (on the awkward stairs that are poured concrete covered in carpet – totally not ideal but a major deal to get rid of, so that’s not happening), toys designed for babies, mats, and (not pictured here) some comfy sofa type seats that are comfy for moms and dads. We’ve had the Nook open for a couple months now and have rearranged the stuff a few times based on feedback from the folks who’ve been using it.

cheery Baby Nook

We used primary colors because of course those are good for babies, but it also makes for a really cheery space, especially compared to the bleak snowy courtyard.