WIP Wednesday: Fall Frolic background land

Last time I posted about working on the sunset/sky portion of my Fall Frolic quilt, and this last weekend I did some preliminary work on the land part of the background.

More Fall Frolic art quilt WIP

I’m doing something akin to a log cabin pattern, with concentric sections radiating out from the center. I’m not 100% sure what exactly I’m going to go with on this, but I started cutting out blocks to form this basic shape. For these quilts I like to do a background with some traditional-ish quilt techniques, so including this type of shape fits into my overall vision for the project.

You can kind of see in this picture that the right side of my craft table is really leaning toward the ground. The caster on this leg broke about three moves ago and all our re-glueing attempts have been temporarily successful at best. I really need to find something better before this one gives up entirely. I have a bunch of yarn and other supplies in bins and tote bags sort of shoved under/around the table right now, so it would be nice to find something with drawers or cubbies to store all that stuff off the floor. I’d also like to be able to keep my cutting mat, which is about 36″x60″. Anyone out there have a table/unit they love and recommend?