Halloween Blythe Swap!

The Halloween Blythe Swap was a lot of fun again this year! My partner has now had the chance to post her photos of her received package, so I, in turn, was able to upload my video of what I sent to her.

What I sent:

And what I received:

Thanks to both my partners, Jane and Jenna, for such an awesome swap!


Blythe is a Bookworm Swap

The latest Blythe swap theme was Blythe is a Bookworm. What a perfect theme for me! I had a lot in common with my partner, also a librarian, and also a fan of Harry Potter and lots of other reading things. Here’s a peek at what I sent:

I made some dresses and a sweater for Kate’s Blythes:

dress for Blythe is a Bookworm Swap

dress for Blythe is a Bookworm Swap

dress for Blythe is a Bookworm Swap

Doesn’t this sweater seem like something Molly Weasley would wear? #goals

Gryffindor Long Cable Cardigan for Blythe

And I made the tiniest cross stitch ever, on 28 count fabric.

Tiny cross stitch pillow

Amiibo figure for scale (figure is 2″ high).

Tiny cross stitch pillow

I’m still shaking my head at my hubris taking on a project on this tiny scale. I now own a magnifier, though, so that should be useful for future miniature crafts. And I’m so pleased with how it turned out, so it was super worth it.

AND, here’s what I received!

Blythe is a Bookworm Swap - goodies recieved from Kate

Thanks so much, Kate! This was such a fun swap!


Spring Showers and Spring Flowers Blythe Swap

This was such a fun swap to put together! My partner and I figured out quickly that we both like the Mori Girl style and that really informed my process for making things. I got so excited about it! I wrote a few new patterns for knitted items (see yesterday’s freebie for one!) and sewed a bunch. Here’s a quick look at the things I sent:

And the awesome package I received:


Blythe Swap: Marvelous Monsters

This last month’s Blythe Swap was so much fun! The theme was Marvelous Monsters and I participated in a three-way swap – I sent goodies to Rebecca, who sent goodies to Elizabeth, who sent goodies to me.

Here’s what I received:

Marvelous Monsters swap: what I received

So many cool things! Two dresses, a Bride of Frankenstein hood, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde potion bottles, pins and embellishments, adorbs Nessie/Scotland keychain, an assortment of bows for future sewing/crafting, two of those awesome monster finger puppets (did everyone get these at the dentist as a kid?), and a super cute monster plush.

Marvelous Monsters swap: what I received

Check out the hand-embroidered monster face on the dress Willow is wearing! I love it!! And the finger puppets (hand puppets for Blythe!) even color coordinate. I didn’t take the proper time to tie on the Bride of Frankenstein hood because I was too excited to take photos, but I love it like this anyway. Such a great package! Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

I had an equal amount of fun putting together a package for Rebecca. She has excellent taste (that is to say, quite similar to my own, haha) and likes purple and orange, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Halloween-y stuff in general.

Here’s what I sent:

Marvelous Monsters swap :what I sent

Three handmade dresses and one skirt/top set; one handknit Skully Sweater, one Monster Sweater, and one Sybil Sweater; an orange Blythe-scale crate filled with hair accoutrements; a sheet of skull stickers; and a TNBC blind-box miniature.

Marvelous Purple Monster Sweater

I knit this Sybil Sweater according to the pattern using mohair/silk yarn but then I finished it inside-out: I wove in the ends to the opposite side as usual, and sewed on the monster eyes on what would usually be the inside. It gives a more furry look since purl stitches show off the mohair-iness of the yarn more than knit stitches do. I love how it turned out! I designed the Monster Sweater just for this swap, and of course had already written the pattern for the Skully Sweater – it just happened to fit right into this theme!

Marvelous Monsters swap :what I sent

This dress is one of my favorite items I made this time. I love this fabric – it has a feathery or scaly look and I just attached some tiny google eyes for an extra monster-y feel.

All in all, this swap was super fun! Our next swap will be the Halloween Swap, so keep your eye out for sign-up at the Blythe Swap site!