Spring Showers and Spring Flowers Blythe Swap

This was such a fun swap to put together! My partner and I figured out quickly that we both like the Mori Girl style and that really informed my process for making things. I got so excited about it! I wrote a few new patterns for knitted items (see yesterday’s freebie for one!) and sewed a bunch. Here’s a quick look at the things I sent:

And the awesome package I received:

Blythe Swap: Marvelous Monsters

This last month’s Blythe Swap was so much fun! The theme was Marvelous Monsters and I participated in a three-way swap – I sent goodies to Rebecca, who sent goodies to Elizabeth, who sent goodies to me.

Here’s what I received:

Marvelous Monsters swap: what I received

So many cool things! Two dresses, a Bride of Frankenstein hood, Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde potion bottles, pins and embellishments, adorbs Nessie/Scotland keychain, an assortment of bows for future sewing/crafting, two of those awesome monster finger puppets (did everyone get these at the dentist as a kid?), and a super cute monster plush.

Marvelous Monsters swap: what I received

Check out the hand-embroidered monster face on the dress Willow is wearing! I love it!! And the finger puppets (hand puppets for Blythe!) even color coordinate. I didn’t take the proper time to tie on the Bride of Frankenstein hood because I was too excited to take photos, but I love it like this anyway. Such a great package! Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

I had an equal amount of fun putting together a package for Rebecca. She has excellent taste (that is to say, quite similar to my own, haha) and likes purple and orange, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Halloween-y stuff in general.

Here’s what I sent:

Marvelous Monsters swap :what I sent

Three handmade dresses and one skirt/top set; one handknit Skully Sweater, one Monster Sweater, and one Sybil Sweater; an orange Blythe-scale crate filled with hair accoutrements; a sheet of skull stickers; and a TNBC blind-box miniature.

Marvelous Purple Monster Sweater

I knit this Sybil Sweater according to the pattern using mohair/silk yarn but then I finished it inside-out: I wove in the ends to the opposite side as usual, and sewed on the monster eyes on what would usually be the inside. It gives a more furry look since purl stitches show off the mohair-iness of the yarn more than knit stitches do. I love how it turned out! I designed the Monster Sweater just for this swap, and of course had already written the pattern for the Skully Sweater – it just happened to fit right into this theme!

Marvelous Monsters swap :what I sent

This dress is one of my favorite items I made this time. I love this fabric – it has a feathery or scaly look and I just attached some tiny google eyes for an extra monster-y feel.

All in all, this swap was super fun! Our next swap will be the Halloween Swap, so keep your eye out for sign-up at the Blythe Swap site!

calling all monsters

Monster Sweater for Blythe

It may be the thick of August (and with the humidity we’ve been having, it certainly feels thick!) but I am already thinking ahead to Halloween and the spooky breezes of fall. And what goes hand in hand with spooky breezes? Monsters, of course!

Bingeing Stranger Things certainly didn’t do anything to dissuade me, and the July Blythe Swap theme being Marvelous Monsters clinched it. However, rather than knitting slimy tentacles, I opted for a monster that is more reminiscent of a jack-o-lantern than something from Alien. Feel free to add your own slime if you’re so inclined!

Monster Sweater for Blythe

Grawr! Chomp this pattern at Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy

Blythe Swap: Time Traveling Blythe

Our most recent Blythe Swap had the theme: time traveling Blythe. This was up to interpretation by each person so they could make things from their partner’s favorite period(s) of time.

I got a real haul from my awesome partner Angela!

Blythe Swap: Time Traveling Blythe - what I received

Just look at all of this! Hand-sewn and -knit clothing, hair clips, pendants, embroidery floss, and fabric! Such a lot of awesomeness!

Blythe Swap: Time Traveling Blythe - what I received

I love the way all of these separates work together – I’ll be mixing and matching these happily.

And here’s what I sent:

Blythe Swap: Time Traveling Blythe - what I sent

These have a 60s/70s vibe and I had a lot of fun making things with these bold prints. I made two knit mini skirts, two sewn maxi skirts, two a-line dresses, three crop tops, one vest, two knit shawls, and an assortment of hair clips and mini pins. I’m so pleased with this swap – it was great to make and great to receive!

Blythe Swap: Blythe Loves Rock and Roll

Last month I participated in a Blythe Swap with the theme: Blythe Loves Rock and Roll. What an awesome theme! And I had an AWESOME swap partner! We actually ended up doing some of the same things for each other because we both have great taste!

Blythe Swap: Blythe Loves Rock and Roll - what I sent

Here’s what I sent: 1 dress, 2 crop tops, 2 skirts, 1 faux fur vest, Blythe-scale record albums, a notebook, ribbon, guitar applique, and mini lip-gloss guitar

My swap partner and I are about the same age and loved some of the same albums in our youth, so it was fun to pick out some of her favorites to make the mini record album sleeves. I was also kind of impressed with myself for free-styling the faux fur vest. I found some faux fur “ribbon” at Joann and just sewed it together into a vest. I think it’s pretty appropriate for this swap theme!

Amazing Blythe Loves Rock and Roll Swap goodies from Traci

And here’s what I received! SUCH A HAUL! Top, pants, and collar for Blythe; top and 2 pairs of pants for Middie; 1 pair of shoes each for Blythe and Middie; Blythe headphones; mini guitar; adorbs mini stereo; and of course, record albums!

Amazing Blythe Loves Rock and Roll Swap goodies from Traci

Aren’t these outfits just perfect? The off-the-shoulder top for Blythe is so perfect, and all of these rock star pants are perfectly tailored! They fit like a glove but aren’t a pain to get on AT ALL, which is massively refreshing because it virtually always feel like a pain to get anything tight on Blythe’s legs. The tiny studded collar for Blythe is also just perfect! I know I’m overusing the word perfect here, but I basically can’t even with how spot-on this swap package is. Thank you, Traci! You yourself are a rock star!!

top swap

The 2015 Holiday Blythe Swap just took place in November and it was a great one!

I had a ton of fun making and gathering things for this swap.

Blythe Swap holiday 2015 - what I sent

Here you can see what I sent: 5 dresses, 3 skirts, an assortment of holiday pins/badges, ribbon, hair clips, some adorbs mini holiday clothespins, some jingle bells/ornaments, holiday light felt stickers, and a holiday scarf.

My partner Martina did not disappoint, either! (understatement)

Lovely holiday #blytheswap goodies from Martina!

Lovely packages of goodies to unwrap!

Lovely holiday #blytheswap goodies from Martina!

Look at all this good stuff! Two complete outfits, an assortment of craft supplies (LOVE!), a Blythe card, an assortment of mini pendants and beads, and an adorable mini holiday greeting card! (I love stationery, I love mini things – perfect!)

Here are Willow and Dahlia all dressed up in their new duds:

Lovely holiday #blytheswap goodies from Martina!

Check out those skully socks Willow has on! And a pair of lovely pale yellow Chucks! Also, was I not just saying that I need more blouses? This one that Dahlia is wearing is beautifully tailored – it has such fine detail, as do the plaid trousers (punk rock and holiday at the same time – more perfection!). I am so, so pleased with this swap. Blythe Swap keeps getting better and better! If any of you Blythe-ers out there haven’t participated, I super encourage you to do so. It’s so fun and fulfilling.

getting it together, Blythe clothing edition

I have finally, finally gotten a system of organization going for my Blythe wardrobe.


I started out with the shoes. Prior to now, I was storing these in a smaller plastic organizer box, but I decided to switch them out to this larger one since it wasn’t full with what it was holding before.

Blythe shoes and socks have been gathered and organized! 👍👟😃 #blythe #blythedoll

Isn’t that pleasingly tidy? Of course, practically right after I did that, I got some new socks, so I ended up with far more than would fit in that one section of the shoe box.

Blythe wardrobe reorganization

Luckily, Joann happened to be having a big sale (which they almost always are), so I was able to use a combination of sales and coupons to get another organizer box for 80% off!

Blythe socks reorganized

Ahhh, so soothing, having them all just so. I am also finding it much easier to use them when I can actually find what I’m looking for and see what I have.

On to the clothing! I used some more Joann discounts to get two three-drawer units for Blythe clothing.

More Blythe clothes reorganized

Before this, I was storing all of my Blythe wardrobe in one scrapbook paper box. Each item was in a ziploc bag, which kept them well protected, but made it difficult to see what I have.

Blythe wardrobe reorganization

It was also crowded and I’d always have to empty the whole thing to find any one piece. Frustrating!

I was originally thinking I only needed one three-drawer unit, but after filling those three drawers I quickly decided to get a second one. Stacked, they fit right under my photo table, and this way I have things well organized and I can find what I’m looking for very quickly.

Blythe clothing drawers collage

Going clockwise from the upper left above, we have one drawer each for:

  • Middie clothes (I need many more of these! Must start sewing and designing and knitting) (the few petite clothes I have are also in here)
  • accessories including scarves, bags, and kerchiefs
  • costumes (huzzah for Blythe Swap! I love these costumes that people have made me over the years)
  • hats and sweaters (I have kept surprisingly few sweaters for myself, though I’ve knit over two hundred! must remedy this) (most of the hats I have were made by others for me as well – gotta get knitting)
  • separates, including tops, skirts, and pants
  • dresses

  • I am so excited to have things so organized! Have you noticed the joy that organization brings me? It’s not to be underestimated.