pupple pants

So it was my birthday earlier this week, and my awesome sistrah gifted me two new pairs of jimjams!

The first is made with some adorbs BT fabric. I had seen someone post a pic of this fabric on one of the MWBTR groups on fb awhile ago, and when I sent that pic to Susan, she said, “pretend you never saw that!” I was happy to do so because I knew it meant something cute was coming my way.

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

I had also found an amazing Bowie Frenchie fabric, from which she awesomely made me a second pair of jimjams. SO CUTE. Also, look at how great she is – the waistband uses the two accent colors

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

as does the top stitching

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

and the piping.

Awesome jimjams made by Susan

Coordinated af.


introducing Hermione!

This weekend we adopted a second dog: Hermione!


Isn’t she adorable? We adopted her through the always-excellent Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue, as we have all our dogs.

THIS FACE #bostonterrier #hermione

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She loves to snuggle, as you can see. She’s about a year and a half old according to the vet’s best guess, and a few pounds lighter than Coraline. They get along terrifically!


She knows a few commands and we’re working with her to learn the ones she doesn’t yet know and to learn the routines we like to keep around the house.

Mega derp #bostonterrier #hermione

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none shall pass (if by one you mean Coraline)

Because we now have a gate to the back yard!

We have a gate

For some reason the previous owners put up a privacy fence but never finished it with a gate. Who knows why!

Anyway, we’ve been living with a make-do bit of snow fence on loan from Susan, and now it feels like such a luxury to have a gate that you can open and close!

The company we hired did a very nice job, I think, the same one that installed the continuous seamless guttering on our house, fabricating something to match the existing fence. We’ll have to wait to stain it (from reading online it looks like we should probably wait until spring – any expert opinions on this topic are welcome!), but the former owners actually left us the can of stain from the rest of the fence, so we know what we need to match as best as we can. We will likely re-stain the rest of it at the same time, I think, since it needs it. I need to do more research on it this winter.

We have a gate

In the meantime, though, I’m very pleased! We are hoping to adopt another BT sometime soon so Coraline has a playmate, and having this gate in place means we’re ready to go when we find one who would be a good fit.


I wanna take you to the dog park, dog park, dog park!

It’s a gorgeous day outside, so we decided to brave the apartment complex dog park (more of a run, really) even though it is super muddy and gross. (Apologies for the not-great photos throughout this post. My phone camera can only do so much with a wriggling puppy.)

Muddy, messy dog run

The minute we let Coraline off the leash, she took off running laps around the area, making sure to run right through the middle of the disgusting, stinky mud pit near the entry gate every time. Bits of mud were flying up everywhere, but it did not seem to bother her in the least. She mercifully did not manage to jump up on either of us.

First dog run visit of the season

There was, of course, all kinds of other fun to be had: poo to be smelled and shooed away from, leaves stuck in the mud to try to pull free, soggy limp sticks to try to shake, and many many spots to mark.

Beautiful sky

It’s so nice out! It feels like a reward for having made it through all the dismal days of winter.

The apartment dog run is a bit of a mess

Even before we got back to our apartment, it was clear that it was bath time.


We are not amused

While water is one of our favorite things, we do not like it when it is on our face.

Apres bath

We will put up with a good toweling off after bath, though, when it comes with kisses. Now she is all snuggled up under the exploding TARDIS blanket, happily worn out and ready to nap until dinner time. We are all very much looking forward to being able to go to the future Mount Pleasant Dog Park when it opens later this year!


sitting pretty

One of the tricks we taught Coraline is to sit pretty, or sit up balanced on her back legs.

Brodie sitting and Coraline sitting pretty waiting for treats

This photo isn’t great, but it shows her sitting pretty, waiting for a treat from Karl. Brodie is way too beefy to do this trick (also possibly too old to learn it) so he is only asked to sit for his treat (we don’t really have to ask – he knows that sitting is his way of saying please). Coraline is also good at walking around on her back legs when she thinks she could be getting a treat, but she needs to be in the right mood and it’s challenging to photograph.

Also, yes, that is a Boston Terrier-shaped hook on the wall holding all the leashes and Coraline’s car harness. We are BT-addicted.


Road Trip Swap!

I participated in the Road Trip Swap through the Blythe Swap Group and I got an awesome package!

swap goodies!

How cute is this tag? I love it.

swap goodies!

What a haul! My swap partner included so much awesomeness.

swap goodies!

This. Hat. Rules.

skully hat

And a punk rock princess dress!

punk dress

Plus bags and coffee and lip gloss!

bags, coffee, and lip gloss

And last but certainly not least, the cutest amigurumi Boston Terrier evar!

cutest amugurumi BT ever!


Dahlia is impressed. (Not to mention dressed to the nines.)

Dahlia checking out the swap goodies

Dahlia checking out the swap goodies

Thank you supa mega, Bunny B!