Joaquin Phoenix

Apparently Joaquin Phoenix has decided that he’s not acting anymore, he’s devoting all his effort to his (theoretical) music career instead.

Check out this brief video interview, in which he is barely coherent, not to mention scruffy and bedhead-y. Not looking his best, that’s for sure.

This is a definite bummer. Phoenix was very good, especially in Clay Pigeons (with a hilarious and frightening Vince Vaughn) and Walk the Line. His singing in Walk the Line was pretty decent, but I’m not sure how that’ll translate into a solo music career. The ability to do a passable Johnny Cash does not a rock star make. But then again, as an actor he’s got charisma (though you’d never know it from that video clip – WTD?!), so who’s to say he can’t do it?

via Cinematical