Carnival creations

Finally, I’m posting about the goodies I sent out to my swap buddy for the Carnival/Circus swap.

I didn’t take a photo of everything in the package, but luckily Kristal did! I had fun designing the tags for each package – I printed out two pieces for each, the red/white striped background and the blue ticket-shaped piece with a carnival-related phrase. I embellished them with stickers and scrapbooking bits and bobs.

Swap package!

And here’s Kristal’s shot of everything unwrapped. She mentioned that she likes lace, so I included some extra along with the stickers, tickets, and items I made.

Swap lovelies

I wanted to make clothing that evoked the circus or carnival, but wasn’t super literal. For me, circus-y stuff can cross the line to clowny pretty easily and I didn’t really want to go there. I thought that this combination of striped fabric with the large harlequin-type pattern worked well and felt appropriately festive.

items for Carnival/Circus swap

Same goes for this sweater and skirt set. I wanted to have a hint of circus tent stripes in the top, and I think that it worked out pretty well. You can’t tell in the photo, but the black and blue stripes of the sweater have some texture to them – the black stands out a little on the blue. I didn’t want the skirt to be exactly matchy, and I think that it goes well but is still a bit different.

items for Carnival/Circus swap

Finally, I made a custom Blythe tarot deck! I designed the card backs using a photo of Ellis as the centerpiece. I used some new-to-me photoshop skills to cut her out so that just her head would be featured on the cards and I’m happy that I know how to do that now. I used a free printable Ryder-Waite deck for the actual card faces.

items for Carnival/Circus swap

I free-handed a knitted bag for the cards, and it turned out on the first try! I love it when that happens. The bag is gathered at the top, with eyelets knitted in for the purple drawstring.

items for Carnival/Circus swap

I think that this project turned out pretty well!

items for Carnival/Circus swap

Overall, a successful swap! I’m going to have to do better at taking photos of everything before I send it out in future swaps.