review: One Pan & Done

One pan & done

One Pan & Done: Hassle-free meals from the oven to your table by Molly Gilbert

I am a lazy, lazy cook and the idea of using just one pan to cook a full meal is very appealing to me. This book, by the author of Sheet Pan Suppers, takes the same basic notion – using one pan – and expands it to a variety of styles of pans. These recipes each use one of the following: sheet pan, cast iron skillet, dutch oven, 9×13″ baking dish, muffin tin, pie pan, loaf pan, or bundt pan. Virtually all types of meals are covered, including breakfast, brunch, starters/snacks/sides, sweets, and main dishes featuring veggies, poultry, fish, or meat. I will say that while many of these dishes truly are a whole meal in one dish (radish and ricotta frittata; turkey sausage, eggplant, & tomato penne) a lot of them really don’t cover enough of the food groups for me to be considered a full meal (it’s difficult for me to consider a meal complete without at least something green involved). They do appear to be pretty simple in terms of ingredient lists and prep time, and most of the recipes serve 4-6 people, so a couple like us would for sure have leftovers (a bonus in my book).

full disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from Blogging for Books


Review: Sweeter Off the Vine

Sweeter Off the Vine

Sweeter Off the Vine: Fruit Desserts for Every Season by Yossy Arefi

Organized by season, this book offers recipes for using fruit – and the herbs and vegetables that go well with them – to make delicious sweet dishes. Within each season, multiple recipes are provided for each of the author’s favorite ingredients. Spring features herbs, rhubarb, strawberries, and cherries; summer highlights apricots, berries, melons, stone fruits, raspberries, and figs; fall includes grapes, persimmons, pomegranates, apples, pears, quince, squash, and pumpkins; and winter wraps up the year with cranberries, citrus, and dates. The book concludes with a list of essential recipes and components that are perpetually useful, such as pie crust, crème fraîche, and puff pastry. As we have planted two apple trees already and will be planting peach, pear, and plum trees in the near future, I am super excited by these recipes. Many of them appear to be fairly complicated (baking usually is, at least from my newb perspective) but the instructions read clearly and seem quite straightforward. I’m so excited to have our own fruit growing right in our own yard. I have visions of bushels of fruit dancing in my head, and now some lovely images of pear pie with crème fraîche caramel to go with them!

Full disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books