I wanted to make a little pet of some sort for Dahlia and Willow, so the other night I just started knitting and improvised this little guy:

Cupcake Beastie

Isn’t he cute? I’m calling him the Cupcake Beastie, since the yarn from which he is made is in a colorway called Cupcake. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to embroider a face or what, but then I realized I had some buttons that match perfectly and you really can’t go wrong with creepy button eyes. I sort of feel like nothing else is needed for the face.

Dahlia with her new Cupcake Beastie

I’m especially pleased with how his ears turned out. I had no idea if my idea would work or not, but I just went for it and it turned out perfectly! I love that one of his ears flops over a little. I’ll definitely be improvising some more to see what other wee beasties I can come up with.

Dahlia with her new Cupcake Beastie

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