Treasury Tuesday: Halloween Plush

Once again my partner in crime Susan has curated a standout treasury! It’s a day late for Halloween, but these guys are still super cute any time of year.

Halloween Plush treasury



Among the twenty or so photos I tried to take of Coraline, this one was in focus:


It’s amazing how cute bug-eyes can be.

Treasury Tuesday: Red and Black

Once again an awesome gathering of items curated by my sistrah – and this time in my two favorite colors!

Red and Black treasury

what’s this?

what's this?

Coraline is curious. She also has a couple of pimples on her muzzle. Poor adolescent!

it’s a sunshine day

Well, it was, at least. We were originally forecast to have some rain this weekend, but we hardly had any. Hurray for sun! It’s been such a rainy, cool spring so far that it seems like the sunny days are more valuable. I took advantage of the sun and finally did some much-needed weeding in both the front and back yard gardens. It seems to be a banner year for dandelions, though a lot of my perennials are a bit behind due to the cold and wet. We also took advantage of the sun to run around with Coraline and Brodie in the yard quite a bit and take a number of walks.


Coraline is full-on teething. She’s lost a couple of teeth that we’ve found, and at her first visit to our vet on Friday, he said that she has definitely lost quite a few baby teeth already. So far she hasn’t destroyed anything by chewing it to death, but we’re keeping a pretty close eye on her.



She’s so attentive and interested in everything! (When she’s awake.) Her ears flop over in a very cute puppy sort of way and she’s pretty much irresistible.


She’s also so pliable. Karl lifted her up and she was like, “oh yeah, I’m just hangin’ here. Whatevs.”



In that last one, I missed the moment where she attempted to lick Karl’s mouth. Eww!

Flickr Fave o’ the Day: coraline-02

We have been in full-on puppy acclimation mode, and the word Coraline is the most heard word around our house right now.


Thanks to Geir Friestad for CC licensing this photo.

charming BT

I got this anerable BT charm ages ago, but I just noticed it again, hanging on the bulletin board in CraftyTown. So I looped it around one of Ellis’ pull rings.

BT charm

Cute, eh?


We were out in the back yard yesterday after work, K was trimming the dogs’ nails and I was snapping pics in the gardens. I noticed that a violet was blooming already:

pansy flower

in the AC Unit garden, and then to my surprise I saw this:

tiny bunbun hiding in the leaves by the AC unit

A tiny bunny hiding! It was small enough to fit in my hand had I opted to try to touch it (which I didn’t), and it was sitting very, very still. At first I was afraid that it might be dead, but K poked it gently with the stem of a dead leaf and we could see it breathing.

tiny bunbun hiding in the leaves by the AC unit

tiny bunbun hiding in the leaves by the AC unit

A little while later K breathed on its face and it scampered under the AC Unit. I guess it’s time to clean up that area! Much as this guy is super cute, I don’t want him to make a home and eat my greens. I don’t have any idea how the dogs managed to miss his presence. It seems like they would’ve smelled it at least, but I’m glad they didn’t.


Felties Check out my post on Felties by Nelly Pailloux over at CPL.


Brodie is afraid of boxes. He’s also afraid of laundry baskets and pretty much any other vessel that is larger than he is that has only one open end (with the HUGE exception of his crate – he sleeps there every night, often hangs out there by choice in the day, and has no problem with it whatsoever). We had a big box around today so we decided to see if we could coax him in by putting his blanket in. He was a little bit trepidatious at first but it didn’t take him long to make himself at home.

Brodie in the box

Brodie in the box

Brodie in the box

Irresistibly cute, no?