blooms a’bloomin’

Spring is finally feeling like spring at Firefly Cottage. Earlier this week it actually got up into the 80s, which is ridiculous for April, but after so many repeated bouts of snow, I’ll take it.

Two lonely daffs by the garage

It’s fun to see what is coming up. We’ve been in the house less than a year (just!) so we didn’t really see the early spring bloomers last year. These daffodils are outside the garage. They’re kind of lonely by themselves there, so I may move them or add more.

These hyacinth blooming out front smell delicious #FireflyCottage

This little bit of Hyacinth is out front. There are only a few plants (I suspect that there used to be more but we lost some through various construction projects and possibly to bulb-loving critters) but they are so lovely! It’s funny, I love the scent of Hyacinth, but it also reminds me SO STRONGLY of the nasal spray (for allergies) that I used many years ago and that K uses now. The sense memory is so strong!

Something small and purple is beginning to bloom #FireflyCottage

In the back planter, something tiny and purple is blossoming. These blooms are so small, each blossom is maybe the size of a dime. They’re so pretty, though!

I’m also figuring out what seeds I can start planting soon! I’m using MyFolia to track my seed stash and plantings – it’s been a couple of years so I’m looking forward to using some of the new features. I have several more fruit trees coming from the conservation district: Methley plum, Blakes Pride pear, Harrow Sweet pear, and Canadian Harmony peach. There’s also a dwarf cherry heading my way courtesy of my sistrah, but I’m not sure yet when I’ll get that.

Firefly Cottage 2016-03-30

You can see where these will go in the plan above (I’m not for sure that they’ll go with the exact labeling in this image, which I made before I knew which varieties I’d be getting – but the placement will be the same). Now I need to figure out what seeds I have that I could get in the ground pretty soon. Complicating this slightly is that we’re having the front and side walkways replaced and that horseshoe path added, so everything is going to be torn up pretty soon. The trees are all far enough away from the sidewalk work that I don’t need to worry about them, but I don’t want to plant any seeds that might get lost in the construction shuffle.

Since it will probably be a little bit before the construction gets started and then is finished, I may wait to see how it all looks and then plant whatever I can at that point. I don’t want to do a bunch of work and then end up wishing I hadn’t! In the meantime I can work on my raised bed edibles garden plan.


growing in beside the garage

The garage-side bed in the back yard is growing in for spring. Further down I have a bunch of Daylilies and Asiatic Lilies, but this part has Daffodils, Coreopsis, Tulips, Poppy Anemone, Chives, and more.

garage-side garden

I really like the little bit of green that shows up in the white part of these mostly-pink Tulips.

garage-side garden

Poppy Anemone has quickly become one of my favorite bulbs over the past few years. They’re so pretty, they usually have a bunch of blossoms, and they bring a really vibrant shot of color to the garden. I have a bunch in the front garden and added some to this bed last fall.

Poppy Anemone

Such a happy garden!

garage-side garden