room box floors part one

I got started on the floors for my room box over the weekend, though I didn’t get as far as I’d hoped.

The flooring I chose is a red oak veneer attached to a backing sheet. It comes unfinished, so it’s up to you how you want to treat it to get the look you want.

Room box flooring - sanding

The first step no matter what you’re doing, though, is to sand it. It wasn’t very rough to the touch to start with so I chose steel wool to sand with. There were only a few spots that really felt like they needed sanding, so it didn’t take long to do this. Pro-tip: I did choose to wear work gloves to keep my hands from getting roughed up by the steel wool. After I finished wiping the flooring pieces down to remove any loose fibers, I realized that we didn’t have any foam brushes in the house (we used to have a bin of them but I suspect we got rid of them in one of the moves), so I had to set it aside until later. I think that I will glue the flooring down to the floor piece of the room box before I finish it, as I’m just using a polyurethane (not staining first). Wood glue seems to work well on the foam insulation the floor piece is made of (it is what K used to glue the magnets in) so I’ll glue both pieces down and then brush on the polyurethane. Getting there!


room boxing

I’ve wanted to make a room box for ages, and K awesomely volunteered to help. He made the actual box for me out of sheet insulation, using magnets to hold the pieces together.

Dry fitting flooring in foam insulation room box

He’s had this done for me for AGES but I finally made time to find some flooring. I wanted something that was thin so that the magnets will still work through it – ideally I’d like it to overlap under the wall pieces slightly so that you can’t see any edges (though I suppose I am going to put some base molding on the walls, so this probably doesn’t matter).

As you can see here, if I don’t trim these pieces on the sides, they’ll overlap the wall pieces just a hair:

Dry fitting flooring in foam insulation room box

I will of course need to trim the second piece to fit the depth of the box. I couldn’t find any flooring that came in large enough sheets to cover without using more than one piece, but this flooring appears to be able to slide in together without any noticeable gap. This room box is bigger than most I’ve seen, and definitely bigger than most dollhouse rooms, but I’d like to have plenty of space for Blythe plus furniture for taking photos. Now I need to trim the second piece of flooring and finish all of it. I like the blond wood (veneer) so I think I’ll probably just do a seal coat without staining first. Opinions?

Because I think it’s super clever, here’s a close-up of how K installed the magnets:

Dry fitting flooring in foam insulation room box

The room box pieces just snap together so nicely! Now I need to figure out if I want a window(s) and what type of wall covering I want to use. I’m thinking of using fabric as wallpaper…


dolly mail!

It’s always nice to get things in the mail, especially when it’s something you’ve been looking forward to having. I don’t tend to spend much on doll things these days – mostly I pick up the odd piece of furniture at a yard sale or the dollar store. However, as I’ve been trying to expand my skills in the styling department and as I try to improve my photos for knitting patterns, I’ve seen a need for more accessories. Mostly I have been lacking for tights and socks, especially plainer ones that work well for pairing with a variety of other items. Since my pattern sales have been doing pretty well I deemed this an appropriate use of funds.

Dolly mail from Hello Cool Cat

Dolly mail from Dollcat

Hooray! Look at all these lovelies! I go through snaps at a somewhat alarming rate, so I figured while I was placing an order, I might as well get some of those, too. And the jeans are something that I don’t really have any of for Blythe yet and they seem like a good piece to accompany sweaters, so a logical fit for my Blythe wardrobe.

The Middie tights I got from Hello Cool Cat are so awesome! They fit perfectly and have enough stretch that they are super easy to put on. I would absolutely buy them in Neo Blythe size. I also really like the cotton tights I got for Blythe (one pair in white, one in pink). They’re really well made and their simplicity makes them ideal for layering.

What have you gotten in dolly mail lately?


what’s your favorite sleeve?

I am currently mostly a fan of raglan sleeves. The tidy line they have and the neatness of the look really appeal to me. That’s why I designed this sweater!

Roz Sweater for Blythe

It has raglan sleeves and uses fingering weight yarn, which means that it looks stylish but also knits up super quickly. It’s cozy but still elegant.

Roz Sweater for Blythe

As I was styling Ash in order to take these photographs, I was really pleased with how her look turned out. My collection of clothing and accessories is really reaching a point where I have a good number of things to mix and match to get the look I’m going for. (This will, of course, not stop me from adding to my collection, but who suggested that?)

Roz Sweater for Blythe

If you’d like to make this sweater, you can find the pattern on Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.


prototyping a hat for Middie Blythe

I haven’t made any hats in Middie Blythe size yet, so on xmas eve I decided to grab a bit of spare yarn and give it a shot.

prototype bulky cable hat for Middie Blythe

The size is right on – woop! (It’s always nice when gauge works out precisely as you expected.) I do think the cable is too wide, though, so I’ll make it smaller then next go. I’m also not 100% convinced that bulky yarn works on a Middie scale, but I’m on the fence. Maybe it works in the way that people are knitting accessories with huge yarn recently? What do you think?


Why aren’t there so many more sweaters that are rainbows?

I mean, who doesn’t want a rainbow sweater? I certainly do.

Rainbow Stripey Sweater for Blythe

Too bad that I’m not committed to making myself a me-sized sweater, but good for Blythe and for other doll knitters out there. Like many of my sweaters for Blythe, this one is worn reverse-cardigan style–unless you want to wear it as a cardi, which is also fine. It’s quick to knit and since the new yarn colors are joined at the start of new rows, it’s really easy to keep track of where you are in the pattern.

custom Rainbow sweater

Wouldn’t you like to knit this rainbow? The pattern is on Etsy, LoveKnitting, Craftsy, and Ravelry.


it’s Kim-possible

More Middie goodness, this time in the form of a ribbed pullover sweater.

Kim Sweater for Middie Blythe

I’m still working on building up my Middie wardrobe for Maude, and now she has some sweaters to go with her wrap skirts.

Kim Sweater for Middie Blythe

Ribbed pullovers are just perfect for this season – I love them for myself and I figure my dolls should have the same. The ribbing also makes it very easy to slide this sweater over Middie’s body. It’s actually roomy enough that it probably would fit over her head as well, but I prefer to not mess up her hair (any more than it is already, at least).

Kim Sweater for Middie Blythe

This Middie pattern is yours at Ravelry, Etsy, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.



So, the day after I got my Blythe, we left for a roadtrip vacation to visit my sis and her hub in Florida. (Internet disclaimer: Note to any would-be thieves, we have house sitters.) So I haven’t had a chance to do much with her yet, but I had made one dress before I even got her. Here it is!

first dress I made for my yet-to-be-made Blythe

my yet-to-be-named Blythe in the first dress I made her

I posed her with some of Susan’s stuff today. Hunting with the Microscope:




DJ K.K.!

with KK Slider

Today, Susan made her a party dress!

Susan's first party dress

my yet-to-be-named Blythe in Susan's first party dress

my yet-to-be-named Blythe in Susan's first party dress

Cute, eh?

More photos on Flickr.



So I recently got a new obsession: Blythe. A friend of mine has been making Blythe clothes for awhile and I’ve always admired them and thought it might be fun to try, and this week I gave in and got my own! I found her online (got a great deal!) and near the end of the workday yesterday, K texted me to tell me that a “tiny coffin” arrived in the mail for me today. Woot!

She’s an Ashlette (SBL, not Encore) with brown hair and blue/amber/green/pink eyes. I took a few quick photos after unwrapping her (crappy lighting and whatnot, as I was in a hurry):

my Blythe

my Blythe

Isn’t she cute? I made one quick dress for her the other day, but didn’t try it on her yet when I took these photos (I have since, and it fits great – my camera is recharging so not photos of that yet). I’m really excited to try more patterns and make her more outfits.

Now she needs a name! Any suggestions?