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Sometimes you want to knit with larger needles but still be able to make something for a small doll. In this case, it’s for Middie Blythe with easy-on-the-hands size 7 (4.5mm) needles using worsted weight yarn – not tiny at all! Yet you still get a very small sweater out of it that fits Middie perfectly.

Narcissa Sweater for Middie Blythe by AnneArchy

It’s just getting to be big cozy sweater weather where I live and I am so ready. I’ve been relishing wearing leggings almost every day lately and I’m totally in an autumn state of mind. This sweater is just perfect for this time of year! Your Middie can be comfy cozy with a little knitting from you!

Narcissa Sweater for Middie Blythe by AnneArchy

Grab this pattern at Etsy, Ravelry, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.


FO Friday: Blythe Sweaters galore!

Over the holiday break, I finally made time to write up a bunch of Blythe sweater patterns that I’ve had drafted for quite some time. Hooray!

Violet Sweater for Blythe

This is the Violet Sweater. It has a wide cable down the front and features my trademark slightly-too-long sleeves.


Daisy Sweater for Blythe

Here we have the Daisy Sweater (are you sensing a theme in the names yet?). This one has a busier cable and I made this one from a slightly different yarn (it’s an alpaca/silk blend and the stitches are slightly less defined). I’ll likely make it again soon in a fiber that shows more definition (this stuff is SO SOFT, though – had I the patience I’d totally make one for myself out of it).


Anna Sweater for Blythe

Now the Anna Sweater (if you’re a fan of a certain TV show, you should be catching on to the name theme now). This one has another, slightly different cable pattern. I really love the colorway of this yarn.


Edith Sweater for Blythe

Here is the Edith Sweater (you’ve got it, right?). This sweater is a bit fancier than other Printed Hoodies i made – it has a double cable on what’s shown above as the front, but it is actually reversible to be worn cardi-style and has cables on either side of the cardigan opening as well. It also has extra-long sleeves, which I like with the fitted cardigan look.


Mary Sweater for Blythe

The Mary Sweater. This is my first design for a pullover sweater for Blythe. As she has such a huge head, it pulls over her body instead, but still counts as a pullover. This is another sweater I’d totally wear if I made it for myself.


Edna Sweater for Blythe

And the Edna Sweater (REVEAL if you didn’t get it). Another pullover, but shorter, more fitted, and less oversized.

I’m really pleased with how these have turned out! I have a bunch more drafty patterns for different styles, but I’m just working my way through them as I make time. Blythe folks, what types of sweaters (or other clothing) would you like to see?


cardi hearty

I’ve been experimenting more with knitting sweaters for Blythe. As you may recall, the first one I made was a bit on the way-too-big side. After that one I made another on smaller needles, which turned out to be a much better fit:

Who put this outfit together?

(As you can see I also improvised a skullcap which I’m quite pleased with.) I’m pretty happy with this pattern and fit, but I wanted to explore other options, so I found another pattern with a different style of construction and gave that one a shot:

Willow modeling the Groovy Boogie Sweater

This one is just okay. The way the pattern is written, you knit every single part of the sweater separately, which I find to be a PITA and also results in a less satisfactory fit. Meh. So I rewrote that pattern so that it was knit all as one piece with the exception of the sleeves, which I picked up instead of knitting separately and then seaming, and which I knit in the round instead of seaming as in the original.

Willow modeling the Blythe Make Believe Pullover

Obviously I did this one as a front-to-back rather than as a cardi, though you could use this one as a kimono-style cardi (there are overlappy bits on the open side). I also opted for shorter sleeves, to see how three-quarter length would look – verdict: I like it. I’m mildly pleased with how this turned out. I’m happy that it was so easy for me to adapt the pattern to suit my needs, and I’m mostly happy with how the construction worked out. I don’t think bottom-up will be my favored style, but it’s good to have tried and experimented.

I’m not sure what I’ll try next. Perhaps I’ll improvise a sweater from scratch?

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