new furniture (for Blythe)

Last weekend, I headed over to a local estate sale with a pal to see what treasures we could find. And we found some!

Estate sale haul

My haul included a shadow box (perfect for displaying tiny toys and whatnot, which we have plenty of at Firefly Cottage), a bag of doll furniture from the 90s, a wicker doll chair, and a (creepy?) baby food jar full of googly eyes.

Estate sale doll furniture

This furniture is plastic and in pretty good condition for stuff from almost 20 years ago (P.S. I am old!) (the mark on the bottom says “1996 M.T.H.K. CHINA”). The teacups will be donated to Goodwill, as I don’t have a use for them (not the right scale for anything I’m doing). I’m wondering if I can paint this furniture, though, as I’d like it better in plain white. Anyone out there tried painting plastic stuff like this?