Things That Are Awesome: videos by @maidensuit

Much as I adore YouTube, I don’t make a ton of time for watching content there. There are a few channels in my subscriptions that I try to watch everything, but mostly I dip in and out and don’t worry about completism. I have started my own channel on YouTube and found out recently that there is a way for buying youtube views. It really helps grow your channel.

One of my new favorites is @maidensuit‘s channel, where she publishes doll-related videos that are awesome in a number of ways. They are produced in a way that really suits me: the sets and production are not complicated and they’re shot in a really intimate way that enhances the feeling that you’re right there in the room seeing what she’s showing. The background music is relaxing, her voice is soothing, and the pace is so unhurried that it truly stands out from almost everything else I see on YouTube.

How comforting is that! Seriously. It’s maybe even a little ASMR-inducing. She also has a great wardrobe of Blythe clothing, which is fun to see and inspiring for me – I always get a few ideas of things I could make or colors I’d like to use. (Not to mention shoes and other accessories I’d like to acquire!) She also explains her thought process and the things that appeal to her in terms of Blythe fashion and such, which I love to hear. It’s so fascinating to find out the things that drive a passion you share with someone else. She also seems to have a great sense of humor.

You can find @maidensuit on twitter, instagram, and of course YouTube.


Irrepressible Isobel

The name Isobel is one of my faves. I don’t know many folks with this name, but it is so lovely and the associations I have with it are all positive in the best ways. For instance, who doesn’t adore Isobel Crawley? She’s a staunch feminist and marches to the beat of her own drum, and virtually always shows more empathy than anyone else around her. She holds her own with the Dowager Countess – a thing not everyone can manage – and doesn’t let herself be dissuaded by challenges.

Of course there is also a real life Isobel who is awesome, and that is Carrie Anne‘s amazing daughter. Who else could embody both Kiki and Wasp so effortlessly? She is also a young woman of strong opinions and a kindred picky eater spirit (don’t let the foods touch!) like myself. Her penchant for pink inspired one of my color choices for this sweater as well.

ANYWAY, all of this inspired me to design a Blythe sweater that is no-nonsense but elegant: introducing the Isobel Sweater for Blythe

Isobel Sweater for Blythe

This is a pullover sweater, meaning that it pulls over Blythe’s body – no way she is going to handle something being pulled over her head. The generous ribbed collar gives it plenty of room to stretch and fit nicely over her arms while putting it on. That collar is also luxurious and perfect for chilly autumn or winter days.

Isobel Sweater for Blythe

The body of the sweater is also nice and long, giving a perfect proportion to the large collar. It fits easily over a skirt or trousers, or even just over tights!

Isobel Sweater for Blythe

The Isobel Sweater for Blythe pattern is available on Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.


All Dolled Up

All Dolled Up I haven’t sewn much for dolls larger than Blythe, but I see on a regular basis how popular the American Girl dolls are (kids bring them to the ‘brary and the book series is still quite heavily used). It’s just a matter of a slightly different scale, though, and I think that this larger-than-Blythe size might be a bit easier since it would include a little more room for maneuvering while constructing a garment. The girls’ clothing included here is also pretty durn fun. Check out my post over at CPL for more info.