Bags Pillows and Pincushions

Bags Pillows and Pincushions It’s been awhile since I made a throw pillow (I was the resident maker of custom curtains and throw pillow covers back in undergrad), but seeing these patterns really brought me back. I also adore the pincushion on the cover (put a bird on it!) and I think it would be an excellent opportunity for me to practice my embroidery skills. See my post at CPL for more info.


Green Scarf, awaiting embroidery

green scarf

Disregard my zombie-ish appearance in this photo – I am here to request your assistance! I finished knitting this scarf but I want to add some embroidery embellishment, I’m just not sure what. Got an idea? I’m all ears for color, pattern, theme ideas, and any other suggestions you want to share.

Project details on Ravelry (free account required)

More photos on Flickr



Check this out!

Machine embroidery Nevermore

Sweet craft site Urban Threads has several Nevermore designs available FOR FREE during January to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s 20oth birthday. For free!! I love the machine embroidery design above, but I don’t have a machine that does that.

Hand embroidery Nevermore

The hand embroidery pattern is pretty damn cool, too, although I don’t know how to do embroidery by hand, either. I’m usually not a big fan of framed embroidery hanging on the wall (most of it is too twee for my taste) but I would absolutely hang either of these with pride.

via Craftzine


SAW* Monday – Craftster squirrels

It’s Monday, the second day of *Squirrel Awareness Week 2008!

Today we are going to check out some of the sweet squirrel projects created by the creative folks who spend time at Craftster.

wee felt squirrel
Iamsusie created this wee felt squirrel who, as an outlaw, of course wears a neckerchief. Mega cute!

Nintendo DS Lite Case

This adorable Nintendo DS Lite case by Bekanator features a grey squirrel whose tail functions as a strap to keep it closed.

pirate squirrel amigurumi

Amber555‘s pirate squirrel amigurumi is arrr-dorable! Perhaps he’s just a regular squirrel celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day.

tiny squirrel stuffie

inle_rah made this tiny squirrel stuffie from felt. I really want to make one of these and carry it around all the time.

wee little squirrel

I am completely enamored of this wee little squirrel by Badbird. He’s just begging to be fed tiny treats, isn’t he?

killer squirrel monsters from outer space

Finally, we have killer squirrel monsters from outer space. What more can you ask for?