a brand new bag

We are going on a trip pretty soon*, to Universal Studios and Epcot! I am pretty excited since we haven’t been on a vacation in awhile, and it’ll be Halloween-theme-time at the parks. It’s also the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot, which we loved the last time we went. And we haven’t ever been to the Harry Potter parks! I’ve been bingeing Witch, Please in preparation (I have been listening to this anyway because it is THE BEST, but I’ve been spreading the episodes out so I could always have more – I finally gave in and just got caught up).

I knew that I wouldn’t want to carry my usual purse in the parks and that I wanted a cross-body style for max comfort and making sure I don’t lose it (a shoulder bag is too put-down-able). I know that generally you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with you in these parks, but I always want sunglasses and sunscreen and mints and whatever and anyway, I knew I needed a bag.

The perfect one was already in my pattern file: the Two Zip Hipster by Dog Under My Desk.

Spoopy Two Zip Hipster - pattern by Dog Under My Desk

It turned out awesome! I have raved before about Erin’s patterns but seriously, they are THE BEST (equal level of awesome as Witch, Please). They’re so easy and every step is laid out and it all goes so smoothly. I chose this super spoopy fabric in honor of Halloween time. I had hoped to find a Harry Potter themed fabric, but all the ones that Joann carries (at least in our local store) are loud and juvenile and not cool enough. I’m happy with this spider fabric, though, and I’m also going to embellish the exterior with at least one Hillary pin (#ImWithHer)! If any of you lovelies have tips or things to know about our destinations, please share!

*would-be evil-doers, take note that our house will be occupied while we’re away! No opportunities here!


Off Kilter

While we were in Epcot, wandering toward our dinner reservation (at the Rose and Crown, which was delicious and a perfect spot for viewing the evening’s fireworks show – thanks again, planners extraordinaire S&D!), we happened to hear some rocking bagpipes and noticed that there was a show going on in Canada (Epcot’s World Showcase version of Canada, that is).

It turned out to be a group called Off Kilter who were pretty damn good! I would not expect to be so pleasantly surprised by a group performing at Disney, but these guys were all right. They played a mix of rocked-out Celtic traditionals, rock’n’roll covers, and what I imagine to be some originals, though I could be wrong.

Off Kilter isn’t as hardcore as the Dropkick Murphys, and so I didn’t dig them to the extent that I do Dropkick (mega), but I would definitely recommend checking out Off Kilter the next time you are at Epcot. Plus, you can hardly go wrong with a bunch of blokes wearing kilts, right?


Walt Disney World: Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios

For our last day at WDW, Karl and I took off to do the stuff we wanted to catch before we left (Susan, David, and their friend Jason [who came in for a long weekend] went to a special event at the Food & Wine Festival). That meant we headed back to Epcot for a few last Food & Wine Festival treats and then back to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We hadn’t had time for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! show earlier in the week, so we caught it before going back to re-ride the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Aerosmith Rock’n’Roller Coaster (both of which were very much fun). You can see here that, as we wait for the Indiana Jones show to start, we are both feeling a bit weary at the end of a long (and awesome) week.
Anne and Karl looking a little weary on the last day of DisneyWorld

For dinner we met up with S&D and Jason and met our reservation at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. The atmosphere there was quite fun and the Oreo Cookie Shake was delicious.
David, Jason, and Susan at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

Anne and Karl at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

A few of the days were cloudy and cooler while we were in Florida, but our last day was gorgeous and left us feeling very satisfied with our vacation.
Disney's Hollywood Studios


Walt Disney World: Epcot

We spent our first full day at WDW at Epcot, as we were antsy to get to the International Food & Wine Festival. It did not disappoint! We sampled some delicious food, beer, and wine from a variety of nations.
Karl and Anne at Cities in Wonderland

We rode the Test Track, which theoretically simulates the tests that auto manufacturers, and where I found a hidden Mickey.
hidden Mickey at Test Track

In Japan, we saw a really neat exhibit of tin toys.
Japanese tin toys exhibit

tin toy cars

Tin Robot and Karl

I’m so glad we went to Disney during the Food and Wine festival. I also really enjoyed the Living With the Land boat ride, which tours the greenhouses Epcot uses for experimental gardening. We wanted to do the Behind the Seeds tour, but ran out of time.

geodesic dome at Epcot

Anne and Karl at Epcot