Awesome Arabella

Arabella Hat for Blythe

Got some bits of worsted weight yarn hanging around and nothing to do with such small amounts? Grab a set of size 7 (4.5mm) double-pointed needles and get to work, because you’ll soon have a sweet striped hat for Blythe (seriously, this hat will take you so little time to knit that you will hardly believe it).

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Hive Mind

Hive Hat

I often wear my hair up in a bun or loose pony, and I wanted to have a hat that would fit over that, so I wrote this pattern. It’s designed with a slouchy fit, so you have plenty of room for your head to feel comfy regardless of your hair situation.

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Beguiling Bertha for Blythe

Bertha Hat for Blythe

Stripes are awesome, and I think they work really well on Blythe. This hat is a great way to show off some stripes! It’s a generously sized toque, so it will stay on well even if your Blythe has big hair (you know how some hats will sort of try to spring off the top of Blythe’s head? This one won’t do that, even on Ash, my mohair reroot whose locks are boisterous). Add a bobble if you wish, or leave it as a plain cap.

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Pretty Primrose

Primrose Romper for Blythe

I’ve been wanting to create more garments for Blythe using mohair/silk yarn, and I’ve been wanting to make up a pattern for a romper, so here’s both of those things in one!

This romper features a shaped bodice, cap sleeves, and puffy shorts. It is worked flat and in the round on size 2 (2.75mm) double-pointed needles using one color of lace weight mohair/silk yarn. It is also seamless! It’s knit top down and all in one piece. There is no finishing beyond weaving in the ends. It’s super quick and easy!

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Mellow Myriad

Myriad Hat

Winter in my neck of the woods lasts awhile, and it’s nice to have a few easy hats to hand that you can just grab and put on without thinking about it. I also like a hat that doesn’t have a visual front, so that as I go in and out of buildings throughout the day, I can remove it and put it back on without worrying that I have it on crooked. This hat, Myriad, is perfect for that! It’s stretchy, so it’ll fit over your hair without giving you hat head, and it’s even all the way around, so there’s no wrong way to wear it.

Make your own Myriad using the pattern at Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.


Gifted Ginny

Ginny Scarf

Introducing the Ginny Scarf! It’s a pattern that has a right side, but the wrong side is also attractive, and it’s warm but not heavy. The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but you could really make it in just about any weight, so if you want a puffier worsted or bulky weight scarf, just size up the needle along with the yarn and it’ll work! I made this one from Knit Picks Stroll Gradient in Mood Ring (this colorway is actually on sale right now!) – it’s a superwash wool/nylon blend that is super soft and can be machine washed and dried in the dryer, so it’s very easy to care for. You can wear it as an outdoor scarf or an indoor accent to your outfit (it may be a bit on the warm side for this, but many workplaces are not very toasty in the cold months, so maybe not!), however it works best for you.

This Ginny is heading as a gift to Isabella County Restoration House, as part of an effort members of the Isabella Fiber Arts Guild undertook this month to make scarves for guests of ICRH.

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Hip Hepzibah

Hepzibah Hat for Blythe by AnneArchy

It’s another hat! This time named for Hepzibah Smith, who was a Hufflepuff (yay!) but allowed herself to be charmed by Tom Riddle (boo!). It’s got a rib pattern going from brim to crown, and you can add a bobble or not, depending on your taste.

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New! It’s Nymphadora for Blythe!

Nymphadora Hat for Blythe

Sometimes you want a relatively simple hat that just fits really well. This is that hat for Blythe! It’s a good fit, but not a tight one – it works really well for traveling because it keeps Blythe’s hair in place without leaving hat head when you take it off. It’s also stylish and ready for winter activities!

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Marvelous Millicent

Millicent Hat

Looking for a cute cat hat for cosplay or everyday? Here you go! (Could also be a different animal if you wish!) Knit with worsted weight yarn, this hat is quick to knit and the ears are picked up, so there’s no seaming! It’s easy and you could make one in each of your favorite colors. Pattern includes three adult sizes, the smallest of which will work for many kids and most teens.

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