sweet peas

While I was in Bozeman, I managed to squeeze in a quick trip downtown to visit the local yarn and quilting shops, both of which were quite nice and had friendly, helpful staff.

Sweet pea art at Stix in Bozeman #tcli
This piece of art was hanging on the wall at Stix, the yarn shop. The proprietor said that they had an art contest at a recent sweet pea festival, this being her entry. Pretty neat! I also found some locally made yarn there.

I also visited the Main Street Quilting Company, where I found the most helpful fabric shop proprietor I’ve ever encountered. She immediately asked about what I was working on and after finding out that I was visiting from out of state, pointed out some locally produced quilt blocks. I am trying not to expand my stashes of yarn and fabric too much at the moment, but did find a few small things that seemed reasonable and, let’s face it, probably necessary.



All the Halloween goodies are starting to make their way into crafty stores, and it has me inspired! One of the fabrics I’m loving right now is this Bats on Orange with Glitter, which I used to make the bodice of the Chiroptera Dress.

Chiroptera Dress for Blythe

I’m quite pleased with this one. I had been looking for black lace in the right size for awhile, and was delighted to find that they carry it by the spool at the Lob. And the bat ribbon at the hem of this dress goes so well with the bodice fabric, doesn’t it? I also happened to have just one orange belt buckle in the exact shade to match. I’m so glad that Halloween is coming – this is my favorite time of year!


11 for 2011: Blythe Wishlist Meme

BlytheLife recently posted a dolly meme that’s been popular lately, in which one chooses 11 wishlist items for 2011. Fun!

These are all things that I’ve been thinking about for awhile and probably I’ll continue to do so. I don’t have a sense of urgency about any of them, and I figger things will work out when they do, and that’s good enough. Going from left to right, top to bottom:

11 for 2011 dolly wishlist

1. My dream custom mohair reroot Blythe. (This photo is a placeholder since she doesn’t exist yet! I really dig the look of this reroot by Pheisty.)  I’ve been collecting pieces – I’ve got the girl (bald Prima Dolly Aubrey Encore), eyechips, and pull ring charms, so I just need to buy the mohair and send her for rerooting and customizing. I’ll get there someday!

2. Make my girls a classic Doctor Who scarf. (This is NxtDrGrrl‘s cute example.)

3. More progress on the front garden, so it becomes a more versatile place to take Blythe photos.

4. Make time to use more of the awesome fabrics I’ve accumulated, to make more Blythe dresses.

5. Improve my skills at photography, especially refining the lighting and my skills using my lightbox. (This isn’t mine pictured here – but there are a lot of good notes and ideas on this photo!)

6. Acquire some sort of carry case so that I can take a Blythe with my in my purse and not worry about her getting scratched or super static-y. I’m not sure yet what shape/design I want. (The one pictured here is cute!)

7. Acquire or create some sort of efficient but accessible dolly clothing storage closet/system. Right now I keep all my Blythe clothes in Ziploc bags in a scrapbook storage box, but I can’t see what I have at a glance the way I’d like to. The challenge will be figuring out a system that keeps things safe, dust-free, and yet doesn’t take up a lot of real estate. (Isn’t Little Sheep Eep’s closet so cute?)

8. Expand my use of Re-ment and other minis in my Blythe photography. I have a bunch of this stuff and I just hardly ever remember to use it!

9. Acquire some of Laura Lorraine’s hair clippies for my girls.

10. More stripey socks!

11. Keep up with all my awesome Blythe peeps on Flickr, Blythe Kingdom, and Twitter. You are all terrific!


sewn up

I was out of town a few days this week but managed to sew three dresses anyway. First I made two shift dresses with embellishments at the hem, the Black Roses Dress:

Dahlia modeling the Black Rose dress for Blythe

and the Green Bean dress:

Dahlia modeling the Green Bean Dress for Blythe

I’m pleased with how both of them turned out. I think the fabrics I chose work well with this retro style, and the embellishments are pretty without being too fussy.

I also made this Gingerbread Dress today:

Dahlia modeling the Gingerbread Dress

Dahlia’s hiding in the garlic sprouts here, looking a little dubious. I’ve had these two fabrics sitting in my stash for awhile and just this morning thought that they’d go well together. That sort of serendipity is awesome!


something else fishy

fish bag

Check it out! Craftster gal Lunique created this kickass fish bag. No pattern, just time and creativity! Yet another item that begs to be available on Etsy. I love the scale and fin detail and the contrasting fabric. Were I to make one I’d choose a deep red Asian silk brocade for the parts that are yellow above, and black for the blue, with the scales in red thread. I’d select a silver purse clasp and silver buttons for the eyes.

via Craftzine