Little Red Riding Hood gone wild!

Okay, not really. More like gone AWESOME!

The most recent Blythe Swap theme was fairytales, and my partner and I both chose LRRH as our theme for our packages.

I created a dress, underskirt, cape, and basket LRRH outfit for Lauren. Here’s Ash modeling before I packed them up:

Blythe Swap: Fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood)

You can’t see it too well here, but the cape is lined with the same fabric that the dress is made from. I also used a fancy stitch on my sewing machine to do a leaf/vine embellishment on the cape.

I also made a mini-album, inspired by the awesome one Heather sent to me for the Vintage Valentine Swap!

Blythe Swap: Fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood)

This mini-album is about two inches square. I used a couple of stickers, but most of the things in here I cut out by hand. Which was a lot more tedious than I expected, but since I was only doing a few things it wasn’t that bad.

Blythe Swap: Fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood)

For the cover, I used a toilet paper roll! Gotta reuse things around the house when you can, right?

Blythe Swap: Fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood)

For the interior pages, I sewed them together at the spine. It’s really not difficult when you only have a few pages. I did two sheets of pages (so that’s four pages total) this time, since I wasn’t sure how much content I had to fill it up. Next time I do a mini-album, I’ll definitely add more pages, though, since I probably could have filled another few in this one.

Blythe Swap: Fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood)

Awhile back I purchased a big notebook of scrapbooking paper to use for whatever, and I was so pleased that, among the random options included there, I found perfect choices for this project.

Blythe Swap: Fairytale (Little Red Riding Hood)

I also used a scrap of old cloth book-binding tape that I had lying around (hoarding scraps from the library garbage bin isn’t so crazy after all, right?) to hold the book together.

Because I couldn’t resist making a few things that fit Lauren’s other likes for color and style, I also made her a couple of skirts.

Here’s the package contents I sent to Lauren:

Fairytale Blythe Swap Goodies From Anne!

And unwrapped:

Fairytale Blythe Swap Goodies from Anne!

And here’s her Enid playing LRRH:

What big eyes you have!

I’m so pleased with how this swap package came together!

And now on to the awesomeness that Lauren sent to me!

awesome Little Red Riding Hood goodies from Lauren

Wow! What a great lot of goodies! Peppermint Ghirardelli, English tea, an original piece of LRRH artwork, a capelet, puppets, and bucket, and a classic vintage edition of Grimm’s Fairy Tales!

awesome Little Red Riding Hood goodies from Lauren

Check out the LRRH illustration from inside:

awesome Little Red Riding Hood goodies from Lauren

I love it!

And here’s the capelet Lauren knit. I love that it can be worn with the arms through or underneath – so flexible!

awesome Little Red Riding Hood goodies from Lauren

And did you see those puppets?! I cannot overstate how much I adore them. They’re so cute, and so perfect!

awesome Little Red Riding Hood goodies from Lauren

I feel like I made out like a bandit on this swap! Thanks, Lauren!



So! I’ve landed on Goldilocks for my Halloween costume. It’s a character I haven’t done before and I got some great inspiration from illustrations I found in our J398.2s and online. Speaking of inspiration, I’ve been tracking mine using Pinterest. Have you used this site yet? It’s ridiculously addicting once you get going.

So I set up a board there to keep track of my costume inspirations and materials and so forth.

2011 Halloween costume pinterest

Somewhere along the way as I was looking at various illustrations of Goldilocks, I realized that I really wanted to go with a yellow and grey color scheme. Despite the fact that none of the illustrations feature this color scheme, I think it’ll really work and I’m quite pleased with my choice. Of course pinterest had a TON of yellow/grey inspiration to offer.

After playing with that for a few days I headed to Joann to pick out patterns and fabrics. As usual for me, I didn’t find any patterns specifically designed for costumes that suited me, so I picked some other ones that I think will work well. I chose a dress (main view):

McCalls dress pattern M5619

and an apron (view B):

Simplicity apron pattern 2162

and these fabrics:

fabric for Goldilocks costume

And I even found a satisfactory wig! The actual wig is a bit more strawberry blonde than the photo would lead you to believe.

wig for Goldilocks costume

My plan is to knit three bear finger puppets, too. I hope it all comes together!


what to be?

Wicked Stepmother & Snow WhiteHalloween is practically around the corner and I still haven’t decided what to be. We’re doing a fairytale theme in my department, so I’ll stick within that, but I don’t know which character to choose. I’ve been fairytale characters in the past, so I will likely not repeat any of these (though I might if I had a great inspiration for a new take): Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Little Miss Muffet (nursery rhyme – close enough to a fairytale) and the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland (also not technically a fairytale). (I may or may not have done Little Red Riding Hood at the library – I can’t seem to find a photo of it, so perhaps I did it for some other venue?) I’m also a bit picky in that I want to have something comfortable enough that I won’t be irritable by the end of the workday – this means lots of make-up is out (so no green witch face) and nothing with a corset. i also want something that will be easily recognizable but not necessarily a Disney interpretation, I’m very open to playing with ideas, like when I did Miss Muffet in Regency style.

So, ideas, anyone? I’ve got a pinterest board going and would love to hear your suggestions!