stoic sunny gnome

It may be February, but we had some GLORIOUS spring-like weather last weekend.

After a lot of melting. Lots of crap the basement people did a shit job on that they will have to come back to fix.

Most of the snow and ice in our yard melted (but not all of it! I wish it was all completely gone) and it really did feel like spring. Our little gnome seemed to be basking in the sunlight, and I was surprised at how much green I saw in the planter he’s perched on. The pachysandra I transplanted (thanks, Mom and Dad!) last fall seems to have survived at least!


February blahs

Trees and iciclesFebruary seems to last forever, doesn’t it? Somehow the shortest month seems the most difficult to get through, and we’ve had a doozy weather-wise this year. Still, we’ve had a few sunny days and those always remind me that this, too, shall pass, and that sooner than later we’ll have warmer temperatures and fewer overcast days. We hope, anyway. One never knows with Michigan. Let’s all send out some positive good-weather wishes!