moderate noodle fiasco

So I got inspired to make some ramen noodles for dinner tonight and I thought I’d do some pan-fried noodles like those crazy delicious ones at P.F. Chang’s (admittedly it’s been a few years since I had them but they were good back then). I also had some spinach, some sliced Baby Bella mushrooms, and a few sad Chik’n Strips lingering in the bottom of the bag (sad because I only had a couple of them left but didn’t realize it until I was already invested in making them). Everything was going swimmingly until I tried to pan-fry the noodles. I was feeling all cocky, head bloated with recent culinary successes, and decided I’m such an expert I could just wing it. BAD IDEA JEANS. I succeeded in coating the entire pan with a nice baked-on layer of noodle crust, which will no doubt be pure delight to remove later (the pan is now soaking, relegated to a corner where it can have a time out and think about the consequences of its actions).

Despite this, though, the final product was pretty tasty. For flavor, I used the mister for a little bit of EVOO, cooked the ramen with veggie bouillon, and threw in some Italian seasoning.

noods with stuff

noods with stuff

Not very pretty, but it tasted good and was the hearty winter food I was looking for.