Gnome, sweet gnome

I’m thinking spring, even though it’s not here yet, and though I’ve never been a big fan of lawn art, I am really drawn to garden gnomes right now. Lucky for me, Etsy comes through!

Finger puppets are always awesome.
gnome finger puppet set
This set of Mycology Gnome Finger Puppets is so cute!  The detail stitching around the shapes is nicely done and I love the color palette scientificculture used. I’m a fan of this retro but not kitschy style.

I do love a cute bobby pin.
gnome bobbies
These Garden Gnome Bobbies by DoorMouse are cute! They’re maybe a little big, and the way I wear them, the little guys’d end up sideways, but I do like them. At first I thought they were plastic, but they are actually cotton!

gnome by badbird
How can you resist this sullen little gnome by Badbird? He’s got attitude, and I like it.

This guy is creepy!
Felix the gnome
He’s the creation of sqrlbee, and his name is Felix. I would like to purchase him to sit on my desk at work, where he could make sure that I stay on task. Or else!

Should I get to the point where I’m motivated to (a) teach myself to do more than a basic crochet chain stitch and (b) make a gnome for myself, I could purchase this pattern for an amigurumi garden gnome from AmyGaines.
amugurumi gnome