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Machine embroidery Nevermore

Sweet craft site Urban Threads has several Nevermore designs available FOR FREE during January to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s 20oth birthday. For free!! I love the machine embroidery design above, but I don’t have a machine that does that.

Hand embroidery Nevermore

The hand embroidery pattern is pretty damn cool, too, although I don’t know how to do embroidery by hand, either. I’m usually not a big fan of framed embroidery hanging on the wall (most of it is too twee for my taste) but I would absolutely hang either of these with pride.

via Craftzine


home sweet home

One of the things I am thankful for is that we have a great home, and that we got to travel to my parents’ lovely home for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Speaking of home…

Home is where the controller is

The Domestic Scientist has created this clever pattern, which I think would be perfect for a housewarming present. Nintendo, Wii, and NES controller logos also available. And all for free!

via Craftzine


get a free book! for free!

To celebrate the release of his new book, Something Wicked, Alan Gratz and Dial Books are offering his Something Rotten for free. For free!

Why are we letting you read Something Rotten for free while it’s still on sale at your favorite bookseller? Because the number one challenge facing most authors is obscurity. Of all the people who didn’t buy Something Rotten today, the majority did so because they simply didn’t know it existed–not because someone gave them a free copy of it. Like Cory Doctorow says, we think it’s more important to get more people into our tent than to make sure everybody inside bought a ticket.

Just click here and you can read the entire thing (free!) online. What are you waiting for?

via Bookshelves of Doom