FO Friday: end-of-year wrap-up

I had a really long break from work over the holidays, which meant that I was able to do a ton of knitting, including designing/publishing a number of new patterns (some of these designs were in the hopper for quite some time and this break gave me the opportunity to get them ready for prime time). I was super lazy about posting, though, so here we are to catch up.

Chroma Scarf

This is the Chroma Fingering Scarf. I designed it to take advantage of this particular yarn‘s neat dye scheme. This pattern is SUPER simple and easy and knits up pretty quickly for fingering weight yarn. It’s also free!

Winter Headband (1)

Here’s another freebie! This is the Winter Headband – of which I made two for xmas gifts. It’s another quick and easy pattern and might be a good opportunity to learn a new technique if you haven’t done a provisional cast-on or Kitchener stitch before. Kitchener stitch is magical and will make you feel like a wizard, no joke.

Sea Monster Hat

Here we have the Sea Monster Hat. I made this one with a very stretchy rib pattern so it would be sure to fit the head of even my biggest-brained friends, but not be so huge as to give them the (totally incorrect, obvs) impression that I think they have a big head. I’ll definitely be making this hat many more times in the future, and probably for myself pretty soon.

Velveteen Hat

Although, I might make myself one of the Velveteen Hat instead. I am SO PLEASED with how this pattern turned out. I also love the yarn I used for this one – it’s a Merino/silk blend that is so soft and supple and really perfect for cold days when you want to feel cozy.

Okay! That’s enough for right now, though admittedly I have a bunch more Blythe-centric things that I will also post about soon. I hope that all of you are starting the new year off with cozy handknits to keep you warm, or at the very least the yarn and needles to make something for yourself!

Shameless self-promotion: With the exception of the freebies (only available on Ravelry), all of these patterns are also available in our Etsy shop!