pathways and planting beds

I’m still working to put together a plan for what the yard (future gardens) might look like at Firefly Cottage. We have so much space that it’s hard to know where to start! I also know that I’ll change my mind and the plan along the way, but I need something to start from.

Firefly Cottage 2016-03-30

We are getting quotes to redo the front and side pathways (red and blue), so that’s coming along. Those will be poured concrete, and the paths that are marked in grey on this image will be some kind of gravel path that we’ll DIY. I mostly just want some easy ways to get through the yard that won’t be weed-ridden, and some kind of stone seems to be a relatively simple solution.

I’ve added the two existing apple trees we planted last fall (darker green circles) as well as some future fruit trees (medium green) I’d like to plant. I plan to keep all of these fruit trees pruned to a manageable size so we can get at the fruit on the top branches and the trees themselves don’t get too big. Grow a Little Fruit Tree has been an invaluable source for learning about this! There are also light green sections where I’ll do perennial beds. These are a SUPER rough idea of how these will go – I really don’t know what I’m doing with these yet! I think I’ll find some yard accoutrements to accent some of these beds, such as supports for climbers, which might help with focal points. Ideally I’d like to create an overall yard that is filled with garden, has little to no mowable grass, and feels like you’re surrounded by (but not smothered by) plants in that cozy cottage style. I also added a space for two raised beds at the back of the yard. I’m planning to put in one of these this year and wait until the future to add a second one. One is all I want to manage right now but I want to plan ahead for a day when I have more time to devote to veg gardening.