stoic sunny gnome

It may be February, but we had some GLORIOUS spring-like weather last weekend.

After a lot of melting. Lots of crap the basement people did a shit job on that they will have to come back to fix.

Most of the snow and ice in our yard melted (but not all of it! I wish it was all completely gone) and it really did feel like spring. Our little gnome seemed to be basking in the sunlight, and I was surprised at how much green I saw in the planter he’s perched on. The pachysandra I transplanted (thanks, Mom and Dad!) last fall seems to have survived at least!


show me the way to go gnome

I picked up some cheapo doll eyeglasses at Joann over the weekend and was delighted to find that they almost fit Blythe. They are so cheap that they don’t want to stay on without help (thank you, hair clippies!), but they’re about the right size.


I’ve seen eyeglasses for Blythe sell for upwards of $20 online, so for $3, I’ll take it. Though I could definitely do a better job of getting them on straight next time.

eyeing the allium

I got these two little gnomes at Comic Con last year and they fit perfectly in the pockets of this dress. Nice!

gnome in pocket


teensy gnome

Today I finished the prototype gnome I’ve been working on the past couple days.

teensy gnome

I’m pretty pleased with how he turned out! I made up the pattern on the fly and it worked the first try. The only exception there is the beard – at first I tried knitting it as one piece but decided I didn’t like the look of it. This is much better and way more fun. (Please ignore the thing that appears to be coming out of his butt – that’s the bow of my glasses which were sitting on my lappy when I snapped this phone pic.)