Halloween Blythe Swap!

The Halloween Blythe Swap was a lot of fun again this year! My partner has now had the chance to post her photos of her received package, so I, in turn, was able to upload my video of what I sent to her.

What I sent:

And what I received:

Thanks to both my partners, Jane and Jenna, for such an awesome swap!


WIP Wednesday: Fall Frolic begins

My next art quilt project is officially underway! This piece is for the themed competition at the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival quilt show, and this year’s theme is Fall Frolic.

I started picking out fabrics last week. The competition requires the use of one particular fabric which must be incorporated in some way.

Working on my next art quilt - themed Fall Frolic, for the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival Quilt Show competition

You can see that required fabric on top of the stack on the right side of that photo – it’s a leaf print which has a lot of red, yellow, and green in it.

My concept for this image is a scene featuring a witch (gotta go with inspiration from one of my favorite parts of fall: Halloween!) in the woods, frolicking in some way as the sun sets. I’m still figuring out what I want to do for the figure and trees, but I have started working on the background.

Looking at some photos for reference, I tried to get a sense for what sunset usually looks like in Michigan, if you’re in a place where you can really see it. Sunset tends to be orange at the horizon, then move into gold and yellow and then as you get toward the ‘top’ of the sky, fades into blues. There are often clouds in Michigan in fall, so I’ll use those as well but they’ll go on top of the background layer.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

I cut strips and started lining up the fabrics for the orange/gold/yellow section of the sky.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

I’m sewing these strips together unevenly – meaning that each strip will not necessarily be the same height as the strips above and below it, and wont’ necessarily be the same width all the way across, either.

Art quilt WIP: Fall Frolic

I’m once again trying to use fabrics from my stash almost if not completely exclusively, so I haven’t purchased anything for this project – just shopping my stash to find what I want. So far so good! Next I will work on the upper/blue portion of the sky, and then the land at the horizon and foreground. I’m so excited to be working on a new project!



I’ve been so inspired by Halloween this year! I have a ton of ideas for cute Blythe stuff and have had time to create a few of them so far.

First, the panda:

Panda Hat and dress modeled by Willow

I have obviously been practicing my embroidery skills here – blanket stitch, you are now my bitch! I free-handed the pieces for this hat and I was really pleased with how well it turned out. I might make the ears bigger the next time, but overall I’m satisfied with it.

Next, we have Yoda:

Yoda Hat and dress modeled by Willow

I love, love, love this hat. It’s plain and simple, but wouldn’t Yoda prefer that? I can see making it with eyes, and perhaps I will next time, but I do like it this way.

And for Halloween, Candy Corn:

Candy Corn sweater modeled by Willow

I’m not really a fan of candy corn, but it’s so distinctive and such a staple of the Halloween season.

Finally, the Bee Girl!

Bee Girl Outfit modeled by Willow

I had the idea months ago to do a bee-stripe sweater, and then as Halloween crept closer and I finally got around to making it, I thought, why not do a skirt and headgear to go with it? I’m so happy with this look. I think it’s so cute!



So! I’ve landed on Goldilocks for my Halloween costume. It’s a character I haven’t done before and I got some great inspiration from illustrations I found in our J398.2s and online. Speaking of inspiration, I’ve been tracking mine using Pinterest. Have you used this site yet? It’s ridiculously addicting once you get going.

So I set up a board there to keep track of my costume inspirations and materials and so forth.

2011 Halloween costume pinterest

Somewhere along the way as I was looking at various illustrations of Goldilocks, I realized that I really wanted to go with a yellow and grey color scheme. Despite the fact that none of the illustrations feature this color scheme, I think it’ll really work and I’m quite pleased with my choice. Of course pinterest had a TON of yellow/grey inspiration to offer.

After playing with that for a few days I headed to Joann to pick out patterns and fabrics. As usual for me, I didn’t find any patterns specifically designed for costumes that suited me, so I picked some other ones that I think will work well. I chose a dress (main view):

McCalls dress pattern M5619

and an apron (view B):

Simplicity apron pattern 2162

and these fabrics:

fabric for Goldilocks costume

And I even found a satisfactory wig! The actual wig is a bit more strawberry blonde than the photo would lead you to believe.

wig for Goldilocks costume

My plan is to knit three bear finger puppets, too. I hope it all comes together!



I’ve been experimenting with some new patterns for Blythe clothing. This one is a pattern I created for a strapless Blythe dress.

prototype strapless dress for Blythe

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, though there are some changes I’ll make on the next iteration. The bodice is slightly too loose – I might tighten it up a bit, or there might be a way to use some mild elastic to help it be more apt to stay all the way up (it only slides down just a tiny bit, but it’s enough that I’d prefer to perfect it before putting any up for sale).

I was very pleased with my choice of trim on the hem of the skirt:

prototype strapless dress for Blythe

I had the upper white-dash ribbon in my stash, and recently found the black lace trim at The Lob.

prototype strapless dress for Blythe

So, Blythe peeps – what do you think? What changes or other styles would you like to see?


stripeyfest 2011

I got a custom order recently for four Halloween stripey sweaters for Blythe. I love this color combination and I’m already so excited about Halloween that it was easy to whip through them.

custom halloween sweaters for Blythe

I don’t have four Blythes in the house at the moment (the bait girl I’ve had in storage forever is currently off being customized – more on her soon!), so I had to fill in with Turtle the Pullip, but I think the effect is still pretty cool. I might have to make my own set of matching outfits sometime.