cellar stair

When we were working on the undernook project last weekend, we had to remove one slat of wood on the kitty-corner area to get the paneling off. That whole area is a future project, but for now we just removed the one slat we needed to. We found a treasure underneath!

Aladdin kit home cellar stair note

Our home, being a kit home, was built from pieces shipped to the homeowner via train, and you can see here that this piece was labeled #3794 Cellar Stair. How cool! I also love the flourish of this cursive writing. Such a neat little thing to find!


Hamilton Home

When we were house-hunting, I became aware that there are quite a few kit homes in town, especially in the Old North End – one of the older neighborhoods (the one in which I bought my first house, and where we ended up buying this time). It occurred to me that this house might be a kit home, so I did some searching and happened to see an image that looked remarkably similar.


I’d say it’s a match! (Alas, there is a large maple tree blocking access to the exact angle shown in the catalog picture.) This home was sold in catalogs by Aladdin, a company based in Bay City which was a very popular manufacturer of kit homes. The Clarke Historical Library at CMU has a ton of information about Aladdin – I haven’t had time to get there during their open hours yet, but apparently I should be able to look up the receipts from our very home!