review: Heirloom Country Gardens

Heirloom Country Gardens

Heirloom Country Gardens: Timeless Treasures for Today’s Gardens by Sarah Wolfgang Heffner

I was excited to snag this book for my garden collection. Heirloom plants? I’m in! Country gardens? I’m in! Cute cover with hand-drawn illustrations of pea pods? I’m super in. There’s a ton of great info here, as well as plenty of inspiration in the form of photos of other people’s gardens. I love to be able to see various plants growing in combination, especially in settings where they’ve had time to get established. Also included are lovely watercolor plans for various garden designs, each accompanied by a chart listing the plants along with the quantity needed to create the illustrated plan and notes for spacing and on particular aspects of each plant (“may go dormant by midsummer,” “often self-sows.”) The second section details vegetables, providing origin, classifications, growing info, how to save seed, and a handful of heirloom selections. Subsequent chapters focus on heirloom flowers, herbs, and fruits, including special features, history, and growing info for each. The final chapters provide more general information about creating and maintaining healthy, happy gardens, as well as some projects and recipes that will be at home in an heirloom garden or use the fruits of your garden labor.

full disclosure: I bought this book for a quarter at a rummage sale