review: Indoor Edible Garden

Indoor Edible Garden

Indoor Edible Garden: Creative ways to grow herbs, fruit, and vegetables in your home by Zia Allaway

Who doesn’t want to have fresh plants to eat all year round? I for sure do! I have to admit that my raised bed garden has gone neglected the last couple of years – I keep planting, but then I get caught up with other parts of the garden and other projects and end up ignoring the raised bed. This doesn’t bode super well for my success growing things indoors, but perhaps if I were focused on it when the rest of the garden is asleep for the winter, I might do better. This book goes from start to finish, so you can start with finding the best growing spots in your home based on access to light and areas that tend to be cooler than average and go all the way through to harvest. As you might guess, choice of containers and soils is also important and are included here as well. The beautiful photos of flourishing houseplants are inspiring and will have you imagining your own indoor edible garden and the meals you could make from it.

full disclosure: I borrowed this book from the Lenawee District Library through the MeLCat interlibrary loan system