review: The Edible Front Yard

Edible Front Yard

The Edible Front Yard: The mow-less, grow-more plan for a beautiful, bountiful garden by Ivette Soler

I’ve been interested in and working on reducing lawns for years. When we lived downstate, I mulched our entire front yard and made it a native plants garden (RIP, awesome garden, which we had to have sod laid over when we sold the house). Now we’ve replaced some areas of the yard with clover and are working to get rid of the rest of the lawn eventually. We live on a double lot and there is a LOT of lawn to cover, so it’s going to take a while. This book provides plant profiles of ornamental edibles and some plants we don’t usually think of as edible but which can be (sunflowers, lavender). It also contains design guidance for creating curb appeal, a handful of sample designs you could use or adapt, and information about clearing your current lawn and maintaining your new non-lawn garden. The focus here is on creating gardens rather than replacing grass with groundcovers that don’t need mowing.

Full disclosure: I borrowed this book from my local Chippewa River District Library


The Edible Front Yard

The Edible Front YardI’ve attempted to sneak some edibles into our front yard garden, but without much success. I need to amend the soil in the areas I’m growing edibles, and I think that if I start seeds indoors I’ll have better luck – most of my past attempts were direct seeding and I think the birds stole most of them. This book is so much fun to look through, even if you’re not planning an entirely edible front yard! I’ll definitely be perusing it for ideas and inspiration for quite some time. My post at CPL has more on this book.