FO Friday: DFTBA yarnbomb in full awesomeness

The yarnbombs went up in downtown Mount Pleasant last week and they look amazing!

DFTBA (my yarn bomb)

Here I am, being super proud of my reminder to everyone to DFTBA. I got really prime placement, too! It’s right on the corner of Main and Broadway, the intersection at the heart of downtown!

2014 Art Walk Central yarnbombs photo 2014artwalkcentralyarnbombs_zps4cfba3f6.jpg

Of course all of the projects look terrific and they really add a neat feel to the area. It’s also neat to see those made by friends of mine, some of which I saw in progress during knitting meetups.

 photo Twitter_MidMichDevCo_hankgreen_realjohngreen_seen__-_2014-08-05_114435_zps8cface4f.png

Even before I had heard that the yarnbombs were up, someone from the Middle Michigan Development Corporation did and tweeted about it! Such a neat way to learn that they were up!

Chalk graffiti piano for Art Walk Central 2014

Art Walk Central is a big deal, though, and includes a lot more than just the yarnbombs. There are a couple of chalk graffiti pianos on downtown streets, and every time I’ve been downtown recently someone has been drawing on and/or playing them. It’s so nice to hear a little music in the air. There’s also a big art competition going on, which I’ll post about more soon when I’ve had a chance to see more of it. If you’re local and haven’t registered to vote yet, do it now!

DFTBA (my yarn bomb)

Meanwhile, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome!



So, the day after I got my Blythe, we left for a roadtrip vacation to visit my sis and her hub in Florida. (Internet disclaimer: Note to any would-be thieves, we have house sitters.) So I haven’t had a chance to do much with her yet, but I had made one dress before I even got her. Here it is!

first dress I made for my yet-to-be-made Blythe

my yet-to-be-named Blythe in the first dress I made her

I posed her with some of Susan’s stuff today. Hunting with the Microscope:




DJ K.K.!

with KK Slider

Today, Susan made her a party dress!

Susan's first party dress

my yet-to-be-named Blythe in Susan's first party dress

my yet-to-be-named Blythe in Susan's first party dress

Cute, eh?

More photos on Flickr.


reverse psychology

Lauren Myracle, member of Team Unicorn, has created this:

It is ostensibly meant to be a call to arms, but for me it has the opposite effect. The zombies are John Green and Maureen Johnson, two of the coolest folks around! And there’s that adorable zombie baby! And the unicorns are all so lame! They’re all victims of that Barbara Walters soft-focus thing that makes me think Vaseline has been smeared all over the lens (ewww), and they’re all just standing there, doing nothing. No singing, no dancing, no awesomeness.

Lauren Myracle, you are devious! Telling us all that you’re Team Unicorn when really, you’re obviously an undercover agent for Team Zombie. I have to admit, I’m relieved to see that you’re on our side. You are so cool, I didn’t want to believe you’d go for unicorns. Hooray!

via westerblog


tour de nerd

Friday evening some of us hightailed it to A2 to see John and Hank Green at AADL. It was quite a lot of fun although the brothers Green seemed pretty tuckered out. There were so many nerdfighters there (I heard 425!) that they had to set up an overflow room, and the brothers traded off. As a special treat, Dan John Miller (you may recognize him from Walk the Line, in which he played Luther Perkins, or from his band Blanche), who is the voice of Paper Towns, did a quick reading and helped John take questions from the audience.

Dan John Miller and John Green reading from Paper Towns

more photos here


urban green

We live in the suburbs, I grew up literally in the middle of a forest, and I’ve never lived in an area that could be described as urban. I’ve always been surrounded by a pretty impressive amount of green, growing things. The concept of plants taking over or hiding in predominantly man-made spaces fascinates me, though.

Detroitblog recently featured some stunning photos of grasses and trees finding space to live on the rooftops of abandoned buildings in Detroit.

When authors MT Anderson and John Green were visiting the D a few years ago, they happened to meet up with an urban spelunker who took them on a tour on which they saw, among other things, a forest growing from inside a ruined building. Tobin was kind enough to share this stunning photo with me:

Book Garden

WOW. Seriously, how beautiful is that? The books littering the foreground, the light, the contrast between the columns and the trees – it’s all just so captivating.

For those looking for more images like this, you may find some in the number of flickr groups dedicated to urban decay and urban gardens.