jumble gems

Last week, I mentioned that we hit up some sales as part of the Maple Syrup Festival. I finally snapped some photos of the goodies I picked up!

Jumble sale haul

This lovely wool scarf looks like it’s never been worn. It’s a bit late in the season to wear it this year, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it next winter.

This tiny wooden mouse is actually from the craft show sale at the festival – it’s the tiniest little thing! Perfect for Blythe. I found the little sewing basket at the jumble sale. It is also perfect scale for Blythe – I love the little drop spindle and knitting needles as well as the yarn. So cute!

Next is a bag of tiny autumn leaves, which are also in scale for Blythe. Finally, there’s a Kelly set that includes a pair of shoes and a dress.

Jumble sale Kelly set

The shoes fit Middie, though they’re slightly tight. They’re also not as thick/as high quality as most of the Kelly shoes I’ve seen before. The dress is great for a petite, though! I also picked up a small obelisk-style trellis for the garden. One of my friends who was with me at the festival asked, “do you usually find this many miniature things?” and I had to say that I definitely do not! I feel like it’s unusual for me to find even one thing, let alone several. The other miracle moment was that K found an object he’s been looking for for some time. The weekend before, we went to a few garage sales and he remarked to me that he wished he could find an old TMNT play set that would make a good back drop for photographing many of his figures. Just one week later at this festival, he actually found one! They are not that common, so this was really a stroke of luck. It’s not quite as unlikely as me finding a Blythe at a sale (I *wish*!!), but not far off! I’m excited to do more sale-ing this summer and hopefully our luck will continue.