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Earlier this year we were out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and noticed that there was a sign for a quilt shop in one of the neighboring windows. I was so excited! It has since opened and this last weekend while we were running errands, K suggested we stop in (he is the best – have I mentioned how the best he is?).

Keepsake Quilt Shop now open in Mount Pleasant

The Keepsake Quilt Shop is really nice! It’s spacious and well-lit, with lots of room between the rows of fabric so you can really get a good look at everything even if it’s on a lower shelf (in my experience, many quilt shops have poorer lighting and it can be difficult to really see what’s on all the levels due to shadows and cramped quarters). They’ve got a nice selection of themed prints, tiny prints, batiks and other specialty fabrics, and lines with coordinating prints by particular designers. I was especially excited about the tiny prints, of course, so I can use them to make Blythe clothing.

The staff here were very friendly without being overwhelming – no one was hovering over me while I perused, and they were curious and asked about my projects without being TOO interested. And they didn’t blink when I spoke about making doll clothes, which was awesome (some places kind of turn their noses up at uses of fabric that are not quilts). They also don’t have a minimum cut, which for me is wonderful! I don’t usually need a full yard of anything for Blythe purposes, and getting a smaller amount allows me to buy a greater variety. They also have a really nice selection of tiny prints in fat quarters and eighths. And did I mention that this shop is less than one mile from our home?

New fabrics from the Keepsake Quilt Shop

This is the small selection of fabrics I picked out. I was trying to restrain myself a bit – I don’t truly need fabric right now, so this was just for funsies.