So I invested in a new camera recently: a DSLR! It’s a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS, and it was featured on Woot! so I was able to get quite a good deal. Hooray!

I’m still learning how to use it – just beginning to learn how, really. We’ve had such a warm winter thus far, I was able to take some photos out in the garden without even getting cold.

back garden

I clearly didn’t ever finish cleaning up in the gardens this fall – there are still weeds out there, but at least some of them are interesting to look at.

back garden

It’s been ridiculous how little snow we’ve had, and how many warm days. The grass, crabby and uneven as it is, would usually be protected somewhat in winter. Instead, we are constantly tracking in pieces of dead grass and there are lots of little muddy spots throughout the back yard. I haven’t decided yet what action we’ll take in the spring. We’ve contemplated having it re-sodded, but I am so loathe to spend such a lot of money on something as lame as grass.

back garden

The Coreopsis looks pretty even when it’s dead!

back garden

The purple wintercreeper is really looking nice on the ugly back fence. Hopefully by next year it’ll be all filled in, but at least what’s there is purple and lovely.

back garden


We’re currently in the waiting phase of smothering our front lawn so that we can till and landscape the area next spring. We’re not planting grass, though, as we’d like to have something more sustainable and less work-intensive.
Many of our neighbors are big fans of lawn accoutrements and while we aren’t, I have noticed a few items that might liven things up.

This animatronic lawn zombie would be fun for messing with passers-by (link via Boing Boing).

I’m a bit more partial to this cutie, though:

(link via Gizmodo)

Of course, we could go a completely different route and grow one of these:
Boston Terrier topiary

I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to a garden formal enough to include a topiary though, even if it is of a Boston Terrier.