new free pattern! Oryx Scarf

Oryx Scarf

I recently attended a conference, which means I needed a project to work on so I could focus and listen attentively during long days of sitting in one spot (nothing to do with my hands often means me being distracted by my phone and/or everything else except what I’m supposed to be paying attention to). I had some really lovely gradient yarn in my stash in fingering weight, which is my favorite weight for this type of project: the yarn cake is small enough to be easy to travel with and the yarn is an ideal thickness to work with without my reading glasses on/without paying a ton of attention.

So, here’s the Oryx Scarf! A free pattern I’m happy to share with you. It’s a simple 6-row repeat that’s easy to memorize, and you just keep on knitting until you reach the end of your skein or it’s as long as you want it to be. Pick up this pattern on Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


new pattern: Joy Coat for Blythe

Joy Coat for Blythe

It’s not quite the season here in North America, but it’s winter in plenty of other places, so here’s a new winter coat pattern for Blythe.

You can make this coat all in one colorway, or choose to use two contrasting yarns to show off the collar, placket, hem, and cuffs. It’s up to you and you can make it your own.

Grab this pattern on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.


new pattern! Mags Dress for Blythe

It’s been ages since I’ve made time to update things over here. Hopefully I can get back in the swing. I’ve also been slacking at making time for pattern publishing – I’ve still been drafting and testing knitting patterns, but haven’t made time to write them up. Again, here’s to getting back into it.

Mags Dress for Blythe

This is a cute little dress for Blythe that is so quick to knit up. It’s super satisfying and uses fingering weight yarn, so it isn’t quite as fiddly for those who dislike using small needles.

It starts out worked flat, but then is joined in the round for most of the bodice, which allows for a relatively shapely fit. You can consider it complete as is, or add some embellishment.

Mags Dress for Blythe

In other news, this girl finally has a name: Sage.



Totally Free Tony!

Tony Scarf

This is the Tony Scarf, which I designed to be one that is different on both sides but is equally pleasing no matter which side you’re looking at. It’s also super easy and will work well with a variety of fibers. This one is made from locally raised alpaca and is THE SOFTEST. This is a great pattern to work while watching a movie and if you choose a yarn this soft, will be as much a pleasure to knit as it is to wear later.

Grab this freebie on LoveKnitting, Craftsy, and Ravelry.


February Freebie for Free!

Mafalda Neck Wrap by AnneArchy

Sometimes you want an accessory that will keep your neck warm but doesn’t have long drapey bits, and this neck wrap is perfect for that! It gives you a lovely bit of color (or not, depending on the yarn you choose) and is a great way to show off that spectacular brooch you picked up at an estate sale last summer (or, as pictured, the one you bought while at a theme park. IT’S ALL GOOD.)

This free pattern is yours on Ravelry, Craftsy, and LoveKnitting.


Awesome Arabella

Arabella Hat for Blythe

Got some bits of worsted weight yarn hanging around and nothing to do with such small amounts? Grab a set of size 7 (4.5mm) double-pointed needles and get to work, because you’ll soon have a sweet striped hat for Blythe (seriously, this hat will take you so little time to knit that you will hardly believe it).

Avail yourself of this pattern at LoveKnitting, Craftsy, Ravelry, and Etsy.


Hive Mind

Hive Hat

I often wear my hair up in a bun or loose pony, and I wanted to have a hat that would fit over that, so I wrote this pattern. It’s designed with a slouchy fit, so you have plenty of room for your head to feel comfy regardless of your hair situation.

Head over to Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy to pick up the Hive Hat.


Beguiling Bertha for Blythe

Bertha Hat for Blythe

Stripes are awesome, and I think they work really well on Blythe. This hat is a great way to show off some stripes! It’s a generously sized toque, so it will stay on well even if your Blythe has big hair (you know how some hats will sort of try to spring off the top of Blythe’s head? This one won’t do that, even on Ash, my mohair reroot whose locks are boisterous). Add a bobble if you wish, or leave it as a plain cap.

Bag Bertha on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveKnitting, and Craftsy.