Tea Party

May’s theme for the Blythe Swap Group I co-mod was Tea Party. It was really fun to put together things that aren’t my personal taste but fit the theme.

tea party hatbox

I decoupaged this small hatbox with decorative paper, images, and stickers that I thought seemed tea party-ish.

knit sweater/skirt set

This is a sweater and skirt set I made in tea party colors. I decided to do the ruffle on the skirt hem at the last minute but it turned out really well! The skirt also has pink around the waistband.

spectacular tea party hat

Then I made this hat/fascinator. I didn’t think to take any photos of the underside, but underneath I attached the hat to a hair clip so it would be easy to get it to stay on Blythe’s head (not always the case with Blythe head-wear). I was inspired by Carrie Anne’s DIY fascinator tutorial and I have to say, it was just as easy to do as she said it would be! I used a tube of glue that we happened to have around since I was too lazy to get the hot glue gun, but it worked just as well.

spectacular tea party hat

I glued the feathers, and then used this button on top to give it a finished look. I removed the shank first with some nippers.

tea party dress and hat

I also made a dress to go with the hat. I tried to use similar colors to the feathers I’d purchased and I think that it turned out well. It all goes together without being exactly matchy.

Maryanne really liked the package, too! Here are some of her photos:

a lovely handmade teaparty box

You can see the dimensional stickers I used on the box in this photo. It was fun to have an excuse to buy a bunch of scrapbooking stuff that I would normally not have a good use for.

prettily wrapped items inside

Here’s the package being unwrapped.

cute feather hat and other goodies

And all the goodies inside!

unwrapped! beautiful dolly clothes


Zoey insists on modeling the new swap items

Here is Maryanne’s Zoey modeling. I think these colors suit her very well!

Zoey with teaparty swap items

A tea party picnic on the patio! Sounds like a good time to me.

Maryanne’s package for me was totally awesome!

tea party box decoration

She decorated the box with cute illustrations.

wow! that's a lot of awesome!

And filled the box with a load of goodies! She paid attention to the fact that purple is one of my favorite colors.

!!! So many neat things!!

So much neat stuff!

Dahlia modeling so sweet tea party hat and frock

Including a lovely tea party hat (I’m so happy she included one, too!) and coordinating frock, modeled here by Dahlia.

undescribably cool vintage Boston Terrier card - originally included in tea!

One of my favorite things she sent is something tangentially tea-party-related, but again, she clearly paid attention to my likes list: just look at this vintage Boston Terrier tea card! Apparently a tea company named Hornimans included these cards in their tea, and you could pick up an album at your local shop to collect them. It’s so cute and cool!

I’m so pleased with how this swap went. I received a terrific package from my partner and I had a lot of fun making the things for the package I sent. This next month’s theme is Cool Britannia and I am mega-geeked about that one.