sweet peas

While I was in Bozeman, I managed to squeeze in a quick trip downtown to visit the local yarn and quilting shops, both of which were quite nice and had friendly, helpful staff.

Sweet pea art at Stix in Bozeman #tcli
This piece of art was hanging on the wall at Stix, the yarn shop. The proprietor said that they had an art contest at a recent sweet pea festival, this being her entry. Pretty neat! I also found some locally made yarn there.

I also visited the Main Street Quilting Company, where I found the most helpful fabric shop proprietor I’ve ever encountered. She immediately asked about what I was working on and after finding out that I was visiting from out of state, pointed out some locally produced quilt blocks. I am trying not to expand my stashes of yarn and fabric too much at the moment, but did find a few small things that seemed reasonable and, let’s face it, probably necessary.



Whew! I just returned yesterday from a week in Bozeman, Montana. I was attending the Tribal College Librarians Institute, which was a terrific experience. Lots of awesome networking and useful information, as well as making friends with neat people! I had thought I might be able to post while I was there, but I was too busy having a fun and informative time.

Living that dorm life at #tcli
We stayed in the dorms on campus at Montana State University, and it was a real journey down memory lane! I can’t recall the last time I made a bed with two flat sheets. šŸ™‚ And I managed not to forget my room key ever, even on mid-night trips to the washroom.

One of the highlights of the trip was an excursion to the Yellowstone National Park archives and Mammoth Hot Springs.
Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center (archives) #tcli

We got to have a tour of the archives and learned about some of the many various things they collect there, such as bear and deer skulls. This reminded me of The Brain Scoop!
Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center (archives) #tcli

In addition to nature artifacts and specimens, they have lots of documents, photographs, and similar items.
Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center (archives) #tcli
I thought this photo of visitors was neat – look at the clothing and hairstyles! And look how close they are sitting to that geyser!

Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center (archives) #tcli
There’s so much neat history about Yellowstone. It’s the 100-year anniversary of when they first allowed cars to come into the park (apparently there was one year of overlap with horses/stagecoaches and cars that did not go well, so they discontinued stagecoach entry the following year), and when the park was first opened, most of the visitors were extremely wealthy people. Most tours were all-inclusive including train ride to the area, stagecoach service in the park, food, and so forth. When cars were first allowed in, the ticket price was something like $1200 in today’s dollars, which was less expensive but still pretty darn pricey. That was the start of less-wealthy folks being able to experience this national park.

Having spent the morning at the archives, we then had the afternoon in Mammoth Hot Springs, which was super neat.
Mammoth Hot Springs #tcli
More of the springs were dormant than I expected, but it was still beautiful and fascinating and full of many things to look and wonder at. My walking partner for that day and I kept remarking that we wished for more informational signage! #librarianproblems

Mammoth Hot Springs #tcli
Another fiber enthusiast there noticed the same thing I did – that this formation reminded us of knitting!

I even managed to climb all the way up to the top, seeing all there was to see! I wasn’t sure with the altitude and my not-suited-ness-to-sun, but I made it!
Me at Mammoth Hot Springs #tcli

My trip back to Michigan was full of delays, but all turned out to be relatively minor, and I made my connection and got home before dark, so I’m calling that a win. I think some of the other attendees who left later than I did ended up stuck in airports for many hours. I hope they are all home safely now!

I feel so lucky to have been able to attend this conference! I look forward to going back in future years.