WIP Wednesday: more moths and actual progress

I am making more progress on the seemingly endless process of making my latest art quilt.

Art quilt WIP Sunday

After sewing on all the moths, I decided to tack their wings so they don’t flop around so much. I was on the fence about this but went with my gut, which said that they should not be floppy.

This art quilt wants to be hand-quilted. I may be at this for awhile. #artquilt #handsewing

I also spent some time thinking about how I wanted to quilt this piece, and came to the conclusion that hand quilting is the way to go. It will probably take me forever, but I’ve got to go with what feels right. Right now I’m stitching in the ditch, and will add some other quilting when that’s done.

As usually happens when I’m in the home stretch of a big project, I’m getting serious ants in the pants to start the next one. Must wait until this one is complete!


WIP Wednesday: moths have arrived

After last week’s playing around, I decided on placement for the moths and started sewing them on.

Art quilt WIP

I decided to do this by hand, so that I could get a less uniform look to the stitching. (Also, lifting the presser foot a billionty times for each of these did not sound like fun.) I am super pleased with the result!

Art quilt WIP

I don’t do much hand sewing very often, but I find it really in-the-zone-putting when I do make time for it. Note to self: do more hand-stitching! I watched a ton of Jane AKA maidensuit‘s videos about Blythe stuff while I did this stitching and the time flew by. I also got inspired to make the skirts that I posted about on Monday!

Art quilt WIP

I used a variety of freehand stitch patterns to sew these moths on, and I pretty much stuck to just sewing on their bodies (thoraxes? thoraces? thesauri?) and then adding the antennae. I may decide to do some more stitching on the wings, especially of some of the larger ones that want to flop around more – I’m still considering what I want to do with that.