hulk smash

30/365Today I am in a massive state of #hulksmash technology rage. I can just feel my blood pressure being way higher than it should, so writing this is my effort to diffuse it and maybe even formulate a plan for solving the problem.

A few days ago, Flickr changed something that made it impossible for me to upload any photos from my phone to their service. This is, I believe, because my phone is running a seriously old version of the Android OS (2.2.2 AKA Froyo). That is because shortly after we bought our phones, Virgin Mobile decided to never update the OS again, not that they told us that this would happen or was even a possibility. *shakes fist* It was the best phone Virgin Mobile offered at the time, so apparently we should have known that they would abandon it (and us) and not give a crap about it.

I am a Flickr pro user and have been for years. I understand that for a company to keep updating its apps to support older versions of mobile OSes is annoying and time consuming. But it’s really, really frustrating for a loyal, paying, customer like me to suddenly discover that without warning I can’t even access their official app on my phone, and that all the third party apps out there won’t allow uploads to Flickr, either. Flickr has slammed the door on my phone and apparently That Is All.

Being in a transition-y time with moving, I’m not in a position to be able to use my standard setup for downloading and editing photos with my DSLR (it’s complicated, but to sum up: I use Lightroom on my Macbook and the photo library is stored on my PC’s hard drive [where it can easily be backed up onto my external]. We don’t currently have a good enough wifi signal, apparently, for that connection to stay stable long enough for me to edit and then upload photos, even with the PC hard-wired and the laptop right next to it and only six feet from the router. And I don’t want to fuck up my Lightroom library by moving or fragmenting it.), so I’m relying on the phone for any photos I want or need to take.

Given the lack of support we’ve gotten from Virgin Mobile regarding our phone model, we have been planning to move to another company anyway, but figured we’d get as much life out of our current phones as we could. Given that we paid for them out of pocket and they are now apparently virtually worthless, whatever we do next is going to cost us. Which of course we can TOTALLY afford while we’re in the midst of selling our house and moving and etc. (Haha. Wait, not actually funny.) (Did I mention that my PC hard drive and external drive both crapped out and had to be replaced? How about that my 3DS died and, because I cannot stay sane without Animal Crossing amidst all this other stress, had to be replaced?) I’ve read that you can hack the OS on the Triumph, but that it’s pretty damn easy to brick it while doing so. I haven’t got any experience hacking phones yet, and having no phone at all is not an option, so I’m reluctant to risk killing it altogether.

I haven’t found any good overviews of no-contract options from reputable sources yet – has anyone seen any? (I’m not falling for the new so-called no-contract plans from the major carriers that end up costing you just as much or more than their contract plans.) Any and all suggestions for this stupid situation will be appreciated.

image courtesy of Jeff Adams