I’ve been on a quest to find a quality deodorant. I don’t want an antiperspirant, I don’t want aluminum content, I don’t want parabens. I want natural and effective.

First I tried Tom’s of Maine, in several different scents (and unscented) and none of it was at all effective.

Then I found Herbal Clear, which was equally disappointing.

On a recent trip to Target I found JASON, which purports to be “pure, natural, and organic.” It may well be all of those things, but it does not work.

Most recently, I found that Arm & Hammer has what they called their Essentials deodorant, which is aluminum- and paraben-free and ACTUALLY WORKS. I don’t feel stinky, even by the end of a very long day, and I also don’t feel like I smell too perfumey. After trying this homemade deodorant recipe, this one is for sure going on my recommended list.