So recently K found this note that our neighbor kids wrote to the fairies, and I sort of fell in love with it!

How adorbs is that?! I decided almost immediately that I wanted to put together a basket for these kids and deliver it to their house as from the fairies.

Fairy basket

K and I went to Target and found all the things they were looking for! We had a few moments of quick googling when we realized we had no idea what sizes were appropriate for the shirts, but got it sorted. We also felt like Total Olds while trying to determine what the exact type of Shopkins requested were. We finally just picked a couple that looked different from each other and called it good.

Fairy basket

I put it all together with some natural-looking raffia and a basket from Goodwill, and wrote up a letter from the fairies. I bet fairies would use Gwen Frostic stationery, wouldn’t they? I wish I would have had some more variety in the flowers I had at hand, but you know, I also bet fairies would not be judgmental about dandelions. I snuck it over early in the morning on Sunday and waited, checking the window to see if it had been picked up yet. Mid-morning it was gone! I had a sudden series of fears that the parents would be upset with it – maybe they don’t want to encourage a belief in fairies! Maybe they would just take the stuff out of the basket and give it to the kids without the letter! Maybe they would be annoyed that their kids’ every whim was indulged by an unidentified person and donate it all to Goodwill! Later in the afternoon, though, I saw one of the kids running around outside wearing the TMNT shirt! And it looked like it fit perfectly! So perhaps it all turned out just fine. 🙂 Regardless, it was a fun thing to do and I hope the kids all enjoy their goodies.


the wilds

The house next door to us has been for sale for about a year now, and the realtor is not good about keeping it tended. Someone has cut the front lawn twice so far this year (doing a really messy job and leaving a lot of mulched clippings all over our driveway) but they haven’t touched the back yard.

view through neighbors' broken fence - it's a jungle back there!

I took this photo through the gap in the fence between us (belongs to that house, or else we’d have fixed it). As you can see the grass is way past knee-high. Some of it is approaching my height! I need to call the township and find out if they’ll do anything about back yards gone wild.



We’re currently in the waiting phase of smothering our front lawn so that we can till and landscape the area next spring. We’re not planting grass, though, as we’d like to have something more sustainable and less work-intensive.
Many of our neighbors are big fans of lawn accoutrements and while we aren’t, I have noticed a few items that might liven things up.

This animatronic lawn zombie would be fun for messing with passers-by (link via Boing Boing).

I’m a bit more partial to this cutie, though:

(link via Gizmodo)

Of course, we could go a completely different route and grow one of these:
Boston Terrier topiary

I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to a garden formal enough to include a topiary though, even if it is of a Boston Terrier.