happy home organized

K went to the Motor City Comic Con recently and picked up this sweet freebie for me!

Happy Home Designer card book

It’s a notebook to organize your Happy Home Designer amiibo cards! I have a modest collection of these cards and this is so handy to keep them! I haven’t even used all the cards I have yet – I’ve been so caught up playing Story of Seasons recently (I am SO CLOSE to unlocking Tropical and Ice Countries! Just a few more garden items to make and gotta keep cooking everything in sight) so I have been slacking on HHD.

Happy Home Designer card book

I’m really pleased with this – and super surprised that it was free! Thanks, K!


welcome to my lost valley

For xmas K gave me the latest Harvest Moon game, subtitled Lost Valley. It’s quite similar to most of the previous Harvest Moon games in many ways, but has some aspects that are brand new.

 photo HNI_0005_JPG_zps1a967c3f.jpg

The basic premise is the same: you wander into a community that just happens to require your talents to bring new life to this area that has fallen into disrepair and in this case, permanent (until you unlock the other seasons) winter. There are a host of stereotypical (in some cases, pretty close to racist) characters who help you in your quest to improve your farming skills – if you’ve played previous Harvest Moon games, you’ll recognize most of them.

 photo HNI_0006_JPG_zps75952e9f.jpg

The new terraforming capabilities are pretty cool. You can dig down to create lowlands and build soil up to create hills. The rock areas can be excavated to expose hidden mines and to expand waterways.

 photo HNI_0008_JPG_zpseca50ac3.jpg

For the low-lying areas, the bits that are closest to or surrounded by water will be extra-green, which will help encourage the growth and mutation of certain crops and flowers. Speaking of which, there are a TON of different mutations of the various crops and flowers. There’s quite a bit less explanation of this than in previous games, which makes it a challenge to figure out how to grow the necessary mutations to fulfill the villagers’ requests.

 photo HNI_0011_JPG_zps63771e87.jpg

One big drawback to this game is that it is pretty glitchy. On a fairly regular basis, it glitches and the gameplay stutters. On a slightly less regular (but still TOO regular) basis, it glitches and freezes altogether, and the only way to clear it is to restart the whole 3DS. Of course you also lose all play since your last save (and this game does not, unlike most other HM games, automatically save your progress when you go to bed for the night).

Overall I am enjoying this game a lot, but it’s certainly not without its drawbacks. It’s also so new that the availability of online walkthroughs and tips is very limited, so there’s a lot more trial and error if you’re used to pseudo-cheating like I have been. I’ve played for far too many hours and so far I’ve successfully unlocked all the seasons and started my romance with the son of the ore-refining dude. I’ve unlocked all six of the primary harvest sprites and I’m working on befriending the wild animals so that I can unlock the seventh and final sprite. I haven’t made as much progress with crop mutations as I’d like, but I have been more focused on landscaping, so once that’s finished I’ll focus more on the crops. Supposedly there is DLC coming this year – I haven’t seen any solid info on whether it will all be paid or if some will be free. What about you? Have you played this game yet, or have you been playing anything else cool?



I was really hoping that I would have pics of a new dog to post today, but our meeting with a potential adoptee yesterday did not go too well.

It was a little weird, since we were meeting at the foster home which was in downtown Chicago. I’m not accustomed to having a dog with me in a big city environment and it felt odd. When we arrived, the potential adoptee barked his head off at Brodie when he first saw him, which set Brodie’s nerves jangling more than they already were due to the traffic and city noises. Brod’s a hyper dog any day, and with nerves, I’m sure he was just way overstimulated. When they were doing the meet-and-sniff, Brodie showed his nerves and fear by snapping at the other dog (did not hurt him physically at all), and the other dog got totally dramatic and acted as if he were terrified of Brodie. I’ve never seen a dog do that – all the other dogs Brodie has ever interacted with in my presence have all been like, “oh yeah?” and stood their ground. The other dog also tried to hump Brodie at one point, which I don’t think helped, and Brodie kept snapping at the other guy whenever they’d get to sniffing each other out. They didn’t have a yard, so it was all pretty awkward – I’m used to introducing dogs in a place where we can let them off-leash so they can run around and be whatever distance from each other suits them while they get used to each other. We couldn’t let them off-leash in the courtyard entryway to her condo, so we ended up in her condo itself, sitting on the floor in the hallway. Nothing about it felt right. In the end, the other dog kept doing a very dramatic hiding-behind-the-humans thing, and giving Brodie a look out of the side of his eyes, the kind of look a popular kid gives a kid with visibly not-trendy clothes. Ugh. After an hour or so, we gave up on either of them changing their mentality about each other and left. It was a long day of driving and pretty emotionally exhausting.

I’m sure that we’ll find a dog with a better temperament who gets along well with Brodie, but it’s frustrating to have invested a whole day and $100 in gas money to come away only having stressed Brodie (and the other dog) out.

In the meantime, here’s another dog who lives in our house: KK Slider.

KK Slider chillin' on the piano

Have I mentioned that I’m anxiously awaiting the Animal Crossing game for the 3DS?


home sweet home

One of the things I am thankful for is that we have a great home, and that we got to travel to my parents’ lovely home for a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Speaking of home…

Home is where the controller is

The Domestic Scientist has created this clever pattern, which I think would be perfect for a housewarming present. Nintendo, Wii, and NES controller logos also available. And all for free!

via Craftzine