Good Bug Bad Bug

Good Bug Bad BugThis book is super useful for identifying the type of pest insect based on the damage you’re seeing to your plants. I do have to take issue with the fact that the page on Colorado Potato Beetles (and the cover) actually picture what I believe is a False Potato Beetle instead. I’m no entomologist, but I believe that the False Potato Beetle has the brown stripe on its side, where the Colorado Potato Beetle has all cream stripes. Can anyone verify one way or the other? It’s not a major deal, except that the Colorado Potato Beetle can do a lot more damage than the other. Other than that, I found a lot of useful info here. There is a wider variety of beneficial insects than I had previously realized. I fear that I may have squished some good bugs in the past just because they were ugly!  Bug out on my post at CPL for more info.



I’ve been on a quest to find a quality deodorant. I don’t want an antiperspirant, I don’t want aluminum content, I don’t want parabens. I want natural and effective.

First I tried Tom’s of Maine, in several different scents (and unscented) and none of it was at all effective.

Then I found Herbal Clear, which was equally disappointing.

On a recent trip to Target I found JASON, which purports to be “pure, natural, and organic.” It may well be all of those things, but it does not work.

Most recently, I found that Arm & Hammer has what they called their Essentials deodorant, which is aluminum- and paraben-free and ACTUALLY WORKS. I don’t feel stinky, even by the end of a very long day, and I also don’t feel like I smell too perfumey. After trying this homemade deodorant recipe, this one is for sure going on my recommended list.