I recently found some fabric at Joann that appealed to me for a number of reasons. First, the background is black, next the flowers are red, purple, and gold (the first two being favorites of mine), and finally the floral pattern is pretty but not overly feminine or too fussy. I also knew that the pattern was small enough that it would work well for a Blythe dress. So here it is, the Rosey Dress for Blythe:

Rosey Dress for Blythe

I added two red buttons on the bodice, which is lined with an olive green fabric that matches the stems on the flowers. I just bought a pair of used camo sneakers, which I think go nicely with this dress in a 90s riot grrrl sort of way.

7/52: Check out this painting

In the picture above you can also see that Dahlia is admiring a painting, which I received in a snail mail art exchange in which I recently participated. I had no idea they made such tiny canvases and easels (though of course a few days after receiving this I happened to see them on an end-cap at Joann). If I were a painter, I’d make a gallery of Blythe-scale artwork.


SAW* Monday – Craftster squirrels

It’s Monday, the second day of *Squirrel Awareness Week 2008!

Today we are going to check out some of the sweet squirrel projects created by the creative folks who spend time at Craftster.

wee felt squirrel
Iamsusie created this wee felt squirrel who, as an outlaw, of course wears a neckerchief. Mega cute!

Nintendo DS Lite Case

This adorable Nintendo DS Lite case by Bekanator features a grey squirrel whose tail functions as a strap to keep it closed.

pirate squirrel amigurumi

Amber555‘s pirate squirrel amigurumi is arrr-dorable! Perhaps he’s just a regular squirrel celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day.

tiny squirrel stuffie

inle_rah made this tiny squirrel stuffie from felt. I really want to make one of these and carry it around all the time.

wee little squirrel

I am completely enamored of this wee little squirrel by Badbird. He’s just begging to be fed tiny treats, isn’t he?

killer squirrel monsters from outer space

Finally, we have killer squirrel monsters from outer space. What more can you ask for?