FO Friday: a few newly designed hats

I’ve been on a kick of coming up with new hat designs lately. As it gets closer to holiday gift-giving time, I find that hats are one of my favorite things to make for gifts, and I especially enjoy when I can make up the pattern myself.

I picked up some fun print yarn on super mega sale not too long ago and made a few hats with it.

Eyelet Hat

The Eyelet Hat is a relatively delicate knit with visible eyelets throughout. It’s still plenty warm, though, and I think it’ll make a really nice winter cap.

Ladder Rib Hat

The Ladder Rib Hat is another design with eyelets, just slightly different from the one above. I love the way this colorway works with this pattern on the crown of the hat: a neat spiral.

Diagonal Band Hat

This Diagonal Band Hat is a bit sturdier and definitely ready for cold, cold winter weather. This one also has a neat crown spiral effect – a little unexpected, I think, in a really pleasing way.


cardi hearty

I’ve been experimenting more with knitting sweaters for Blythe. As you may recall, the first one I made was a bit on the way-too-big side. After that one I made another on smaller needles, which turned out to be a much better fit:

Who put this outfit together?

(As you can see I also improvised a skullcap which I’m quite pleased with.) I’m pretty happy with this pattern and fit, but I wanted to explore other options, so I found another pattern with a different style of construction and gave that one a shot:

Willow modeling the Groovy Boogie Sweater

This one is just okay. The way the pattern is written, you knit every single part of the sweater separately, which I find to be a PITA and also results in a less satisfactory fit. Meh. So I rewrote that pattern so that it was knit all as one piece with the exception of the sleeves, which I picked up instead of knitting separately and then seaming, and which I knit in the round instead of seaming as in the original.

Willow modeling the Blythe Make Believe Pullover

Obviously I did this one as a front-to-back rather than as a cardi, though you could use this one as a kimono-style cardi (there are overlappy bits on the open side). I also opted for shorter sleeves, to see how three-quarter length would look – verdict: I like it. I’m mildly pleased with how this turned out. I’m happy that it was so easy for me to adapt the pattern to suit my needs, and I’m mostly happy with how the construction worked out. I don’t think bottom-up will be my favored style, but it’s good to have tried and experimented.

I’m not sure what I’ll try next. Perhaps I’ll improvise a sweater from scratch?

more pics on Flickr
project details on Rav (free login required)