The zed-word. Don’t say it!

Karl’s latest bead creation is inspired by one of our favorite movies.

Ed and Shaun


get a bead on ‘em

Karl’s been making more bead goodies! He was on a little bit of a videogame kick.


Can’t go wrong with Link, of course:



And my personal fave, a TARDIS:


I foresee a whole bunch of TARDIS variations, and perhaps some other Doctor Who-related creations.


Karl got bit by the craft bug! He picked up some perler beads from work recently and made some really cool things from them.

Ellis is showing off some neat creations

Here’s Ellis showing off a few of them. Pretty sweet, eh?

They can be used as coasters or magnets or keychains or whatever – I think he’s going to pick up some magnet tape since we currently have plenty of coasters, and a lot of our magnets are boring freebies from the plumber and so forth.