more Firefly Cottage plants

I’m still gathering my list of plants I want to use in the gardens at Firefly Cottage. Here are some more of the ones that I plan to incorporate.

lavender photo lavender_zpsaxkfuw2v.jpg

Lavender is definitely on the list. I love the way it smells and it makes such a lovely border along a pathway. I’m planning to use it along both sides of the front walkway that leads from the sidewalk to the front door. I’ve had pretty good luck growing it before, so I’m optimistic about making it work in a fairly large quantity here.

pincushion flower photo pincushion flower_zps76gvshzr.jpg

Another plant I’ve had good experience with is Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa). It attracts butterflies readily, and if you deadhead it, new blossoms will develop quite quickly, making it a longer-lasting bloomer.

speedwell photo Speedwell_zpspl3y40sv.jpg

Speedwell is another plant I’ve loved growing in the past. There are beautiful varieties, it blooms for a relatively long period of time, and it grows really well in Michigan. It’s also another butterfly fave.

artemisia photo artemisia_zpsffydsmao.jpg

I also quite like growing Artemisia (Wormwood). So many lovely silvery colors are available in varieties that grow well in this zone.

echinacea photo echinacea_zpscqg7ww8q.jpg

Another favorite of mine that comes in a wide array of varieties is Echinacea (Coneflower). There’s the basic standby Purple Coneflower, but so many other varieties in shades of purple, pink, and yellow. I always think that it’s such a cheerful plant! I like to get my flowers from the Clear Lake florist.


warm front

We’ve had some really gorgeous days lately, though the temps are getting so high now that it’s almost too hot. It was almost ninety on Sunday and we’ve been in the eighties almost every day lately. It’s summer, I guess.

Dames Rocket and Shasta Daisies in the front garden

This is one of my favorite areas of the garden right now. The Dame’s Rocket shows up really nicely against the Shasta Daisies. You can see the chicory in the background – it is getting insane! I have mixed feelings about it – it’s a good green and has some cute little flowers, but the foliage is so reminiscent of dandelions that it ends up on the weedy side of wildflower. We’ll see. For now I am still filling in the empty areas using sod delivery in Orlando so I’m not inclined to create another one.

poppy anemone in the front garden

The Poppy Anemones haven’t stopped blooming yet!

lavender mountain lily (?) in the front garden

This is, I think, Lavender Mountain Lily. It’s striking against the Artemisia and I love the delicate blooms. I am a bit bummed, though, because I had a ton of it and only two have come up so far. Squirrels may have eaten the bulbs?

in the front garden

Here’s the view to the front door. The white salvia is coming in, and the Verbena is still a beautiful lilac. The Iris by the door are almost done blooming.

foxglove buds in the front garden

Foxglove budding.

new hose storage in the front garden

Hooray! We bought this hose holder thingie a few years ago and never got around to mounting it. Awesome K did it for me on Sunday while I was working. It’s so much better than leaving the hose in a heap on the ground, and it even has a little tilt-out drawer thingie I can use to store the nozzle.

white salvia coming in next to the purple in the front garden

This might be my absolute favorite view in the garden right now. The different colors of salvia make such a nice contrast and the pincushion flower is really starting to come into bloom.



I read something the other day about Pincushion Flower and that it will flower a lot longer if you deadhead it, so I decided to do that to mine. It’s been flowering a LOT this year and I’d love to keep it going.

As I was trimming the dried flower heads I thought – why not try to save some of these seeds?

pincushion flower seeds

The seeds look like little badminton birdies, and I saved a TON of them. They’re currently in an open tupperware tray, drying out as much as possible.

pincushion flower seeds

It looks like it’s possible to plant the seeds in the late summer or autumn, but that those plants may not be winter hardy. Sowing after the last frost in spring is more fail-safe. I may try starting some indoors next year. Has anyone out there planted Pincushion Flower from seed before?