tube cinnamon roll waffles

So, everyone and their brother has been pinning instructions for making waffles out of tube cinnamon rolls, and this week they were on sale and I just couldn’t resist.

pinterest screenshot - cinnamon roll waffles

I had also forgotten until recently that we actually own a waffle maker (it lives in the cupboard above the fridge, where short people aren’t apt to notice it).

making tube cinnamon roll waffles

A number of the pinned recipes recommended using the extra-large Grands cinnamon rolls, but since our waffle maker isn’t huge and the Grands waffles appeared even in the roll to be gigundous, I opted for regular type.

making tube cinnamon roll waffles

We just put one roll on each quarter of the waffle maker and closed it on top of them.
making tube cinnamon roll waffles

Three minutes later, we had waffles!
making tube cinnamon roll waffles

Karl was wearing awesome tiki jimjams while we made breks. He also did the part I hate, which is squeezing out the icing (I always seem to be really messy with it and feel like my hands are coated in a thin layer of icing all day).

making tube cinnamon roll waffles

These were a perfect brekkie! They were easy enough to eat by hand – no utensils required, even.

making tube cinnamon roll waffles

I’m sure they would taste extra good if you were ambitious enough to make the cinnamon roll dough from scratch, but that’s just not how we do things at Casa Heathen.



So! I’ve landed on Goldilocks for my Halloween costume. It’s a character I haven’t done before and I got some great inspiration from illustrations I found in our J398.2s and online. Speaking of inspiration, I’ve been tracking mine using Pinterest. Have you used this site yet? It’s ridiculously addicting once you get going.

So I set up a board there to keep track of my costume inspirations and materials and so forth.

2011 Halloween costume pinterest

Somewhere along the way as I was looking at various illustrations of Goldilocks, I realized that I really wanted to go with a yellow and grey color scheme. Despite the fact that none of the illustrations feature this color scheme, I think it’ll really work and I’m quite pleased with my choice. Of course pinterest had a TON of yellow/grey inspiration to offer.

After playing with that for a few days I headed to Joann to pick out patterns and fabrics. As usual for me, I didn’t find any patterns specifically designed for costumes that suited me, so I picked some other ones that I think will work well. I chose a dress (main view):

McCalls dress pattern M5619

and an apron (view B):

Simplicity apron pattern 2162

and these fabrics:

fabric for Goldilocks costume

And I even found a satisfactory wig! The actual wig is a bit more strawberry blonde than the photo would lead you to believe.

wig for Goldilocks costume

My plan is to knit three bear finger puppets, too. I hope it all comes together!