hi, we’re the replacements

walkway from the arts center to the library

Aside from the wealth of awesome learning, the best thing about boot camp was the awesome people. I’ve worked with Claire before on state committees (and she was awesome enough to drive us and share a room with me), but I also got to meet Jason, Leslie, liberry, Nanette, Nate, and many others. I never expected to write these words, but I’m so glad I got to go to boot camp!


Holy crap! Boot camp day 1

This boot camp is aptly named! We are learning so much so quickly and it’s awesome. I’ve posted my thoughts about today over at the PLA Blog.

After such a long day it was very nice to enjoy a reception sponsored by PLA (with delish spinach spanikopita!) including the company. I have met so many cool library workers here and am stealing awesome ideas by the second. A couple of the other PLA bloggers, surferrosa and natenatenate, and libraryina and I headed out to the Great Lakes Brewing Company for seriously yummy dinner and beer. I tried a beer they have called Nosferatu which was a nice red ale with just a little bite (ha). How could I possibly pass up a beer called Nosferatu?!